"Space Ghost Coast to Coast" Chat

Where: America Online
When: Friday, July 25, 1997

In the beginning... the universe was dark... well, it's still pretty dark, but at least it's a bit more entertaining than we thought.

This July, Space Ghost returns from a six-month sabbatical to host the first of 24 new episodes of "Space Ghost Coast To Coast," airing each Friday night at 11pm ET. This summer's rollout marks the largest number of consecutive premieres ever for Cartoon Network's out-of-this-world late night talk show.

To kick off the event, Space Ghost and Zorak have learned how to touch-type in order to bring you the most invigorating intelligent chat on AOL since Koko the Monkey graced the stage.

For those of you unfamiliar with this cosmic odd couple, here's a little background... there's going to be a test, so study:

Space Ghost - Host:

Mr. Ghost is a cartoon superhero who made his television debut in 1966 as part of the Hanna-Barbera series "The Space Ghost and Dino Boy." Designed by Alex Toth, Space Ghost is a black-hooded, yellow-caped interplanetary crusader who rockets through space in a sleek Phantom Cruiser. In each of the original episodes, Space Ghost had seven minutes to save the universe, using an array of devices such as an "Invisi-Belt." As host of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast," Mr. Ghost enters the battle of the late-night wars. Each week, he steers the show with bravado, combining a no-nonsense interview style with beguiling charm and extremely destructive power bands.

Zorak- Band Leader:

As a green creature with a wicked cackle, Zorak starred as Space Ghost's nemesis in several of the original "Space Ghost and Dino Boy" episodes. Recently freed from the Omegan Prison by Space Ghost for the sole purpose of fronting the show's house band, Zorak turns in his Matter Intensifier for a keyboard. Critics planet to planet have praised his unique sound as being "worthy of someone who resembles a praying mantis." Clearly, Zorak has mastered the keyboard with fervor, validating Space Ghost's long-held advocacy of a prison-release musical training program.

If you already know the show, you know these two can get feisty, so come prepared with plenty of questions and more than a little attitude - for the first-ever "Space Ghost Coast To Coast" Chat on Friday, July 25 at 10pm ET.

OnlineHost: Hey...if you're all ready to talk to Space Ghost...let me hear you scream!
OnlineHost: Say "Ay-yo-ay-yo!"
OnlineHost: Say "Na-na-na-na-na!"
OnlineHost: Say "Wicki-wicki-wicki-wicki!"
OnlineHost: Say "Who is this loser? I want to see Space Ghost!"
CNW Pickle:Yup...we're about to start...just need to get the last name up...
CNZorak:Hello, suckers!
SGC2C:Greetings, citizens.
OnlineHost:And now, Live from the GhostPlanet, Space Ghost and Zorak--late-night's most unique talk show hosts. Be amazed as Mr. Ghost quotes Shakespeare from memory! Enjoy the funloving antics of the keyboard-playing bug named Zorak! Interpret cryptic clues about new episodes! Stick around to learn how you can win one of 50 CD Samplers including the #1 hit: "I Love You, Baby," performed by Brak.
SGC2C:Well, I'm a ghost. I'm in space. Do the math.
CNZorak:You're an idiot!
CNZorak:Y'all are idiots!
Comment:I would like to ask Zorak if he had any kids. If so how many "little Zoraks" come in a litter? Too curious for my own good I know. P.S. Brak should sing more often on the show...his creativity isn't utilized enough . :P Thanks-GREENBANKY
CNZorak:I have never "had" kids, because I am a male. It's that simple.
Question:When you have guests interviewed, do you just talk to them in a recording studio?
SGC2C:We don't just talk to them, we have a deeply personal exchange of interpersonal emotion.
SGC2C:And sometimes...we dance the dance of the DANCE!
CNZorak:...and then, I basically gnaw on their heads.
Question:hey zorak.. would u give space g. a snuggy.. online.. he's a wimp u could easily kick his butt! oops sorry bout that sg... was jk.. ::do it zorak::
SGC2C:Hi, everyone...just a quick thank you to all our fans...
CNZorak:Okay, hold on.......I'm behind him now....and.....pull!!!
CNZorak:Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
CNZorak:He'll be pickin' at that for weeks!
SGC2C:Uh...could you do that again, Zorak?
Question:Space Ghost do you wear briefs or boxers?
SGC2C:Both at the same time, naturally. A superhero needs that extra protection.
CNZorak:He's like that.
Question:Space Ghost, if you were to rule a vast empire, who would you want as your queen?
CNZorak:He likes ugly women.
SGC2C:Good question. And there's only one clear answer. Kathie Lee Gifford.
CNZorak:I heard she's available.....kind of.
Question:How many seasons have you done "Coast to Coast"? Also, how many seasons have you done your spin-off "Cartoon Planet"?
SGC2C:I'll take that.
CNZorak:No. I'll take it, jerk.
SGC2C:Listen to me. You will take it!!! You will take it right now!!!
SGC2C:Wait a minute...
CNZorak:You're stupid.
CNZorak:We've been on for 4 years, I guess.
SGC2C:Space Ghost Coast to Coast debuted April 15, 1994.
SGC2C:Cartoon Planet debuted July, 1995.
CNZorak:Is that a good enough answer for ya?
Question:Space Ghost: what colour is your hair, if you have any under that mask
SGC2C:And my little nephew Tommy is so cute.
CNZorak:He's bald! He also has chronic scalp itch!
SGC2C:Zorak! I have long, blonde, luxurious locks. No wait...
SGC2C:brown hair.
SGC2C:I have a rainbow colored afro wig.
CNZorak:He colored his head with a marker once.
SGC2C:I like the fumes.
CNZorak:It gave him ink poisoning.
CNZorak:He was shacked up for months.
Question:Space Ghost:what sort of things do you dream about?
SGC2C:I dream a dream of peace. A dream where all men will come together for a common goal...
CNZorak:He dreams of candy.
CNZorak:Sweet candy.
Question:perhaps you will recite poetry or sing??
SGC2C:Yeah, so I like Necco wafers.
CNZorak:Space Ghost is stupid.
CNZorak:Space Ghost is dumb.
CNZorak:I have Space Ghost on the tip of my thumb.
SGC2C:Here's a beautiful sweeping poem that I have written just now.
SGC2C:I am but a little Ghost,
SGC2C:A wee little ghost.
SGC2C:Love me, love me, love me.
CNZorak:I'm gonna throw up.
Question:Does Zorak really have terrific smelling hands?
CNZorak:I don't know.....(sniff sniff)......shoo! Lordy!
SGC2C:His hands smell like gasoline.
Question:uhhh...hi...do you sweat alot...in that costume..and when you take it off...do you smell?
CNZorak:Wow! Two smelling questions in a row. You people are sick!
SGC2C:My olfactory senses have taken leave. I'm sure I don't smell a bit.
CNZorak:You smell like a wet dog rolled in a vat of spoiled buttermilk.
CNZorak:Mix that smell with pit sweat.
Question:Space Ghost, are you or Zorak a big fan of Judy Garland? Abe Vigoda?
CNZorak:We're just a couple of swells.
SGC2C:We stay at the best hotels.
Question:Who's gonna be on the show tonight?
CNZorak:Two jerk waters.
SGC2C:David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, stars of HBO's Mr. Show. Zorak!!!
SGC2C:Look for Beck next week. 11 p.m.
SGC2C:Eastern time, for those playing at home.
CNZorak:Watch Cartoon Planet at 11:15 pm eastern directly after that show.
SGC2C:Tonight's a good one. I blasted Zorak with glee.
CNZorak:It stung.
Question:****"Would Banjo eat 17 potatoes if they were covered with barbecued cheese sauce?"****
CNZorak:Banjo is dead!!!
SGC2C:Banjo, my sweet little sea monkey..
CNZorak:He's dead! He's dead! By gum, he's dead!
CNZorak:Yee haw!
SGC2C:How could you?...I can't go on....
Question:Zorak, how do you make your voice sound so sexy?
SGC2C:I am leaving! I am leaving right now!
CNZorak:I talk low, baby.
CNZorak:Get back here, you wuss!@
CNZorak:I can't type with these long stinkin' fingers.
Question:Do you store cold cuts in your briefs. I am scooby8191
SGC2C:I've decided to stay. Zorak smokes a lot. Now it can be revealed.
CNZorak:Brak does. He says he keeps it fresh that way.
SGC2C:I keep an extra key to the phantom cruiser in my briefs.
Question:What is the point of your show?
SGC2C:Here is the point. 47.
CNZorak:What is the point of you, jack?
Question:Space Ghost. Do you and Zorak like have dinner together?
SGC2C:Tell them, Zorak.
CNZorak:Space Ghost chews with his mouth open, so, it disgusts me. I love it.
SGC2C:You were supposed to tell them about my tipping habits!
SGC2C:I am quite generous. A few waitrons have received lucky Cadillacs.
Question:So I'm wondering, do you rent out Moltar for Toonami? I wanted to rent out Zorak and the original Way Outs for a party I was planning. How Much will it be?
SGC2C:What...Moltar's freelancing?!!!
CNZorak:I charge a hefty fee, buddy!
CNZorak:Posting my bail usually works.
Question:Space Ghost, do you have any other plans in the future like maybe a movie or something?
SGC2C:No. But look for a Cartoon Planet CD hitting stores September 2.
CNZorak:Buy it!!!!
SGC2C:As for the movie...
CNZorak:Put money in our pockets!
Question:Why doesn't space ghost have any summer clothes? He must get hot once in a while.
SGC2C:I wear white lycra shorts around the pad.
CNZorak:He combs the beach at San Clemente with a metal detector.
SGC2C:And sometimes, I put a cold wet noodle under my cowl.
Question:Zorak: Do you get paid much?
CNZorak:I get paid in pain.
CNZorak:It hurts to be me.
SGC2C:I pay him in smackeroos.
SGC2C:I count them out individually.
CNZorak:And it's not the kissin' kind.
Question:What planet is Zorak from?
CNZorak:I am from the planet of the Mantii.
CNZorak:It is a planet.
CNZorak:What more do you want?
CNZorak:Get off my back!
Question:Are you mad cause you dont have a rock named after you?
CNZorak:Shut up!
CNZorak:Mars Schmars!
SGC2C:Who let that person in?
Question:can you send me picture of every one on the show?
SGC2C:No. Just no.
CNZorak:Back to the Mars thing.......THERE IS NO LIFE THERE!!!!!
CNZorak:Brak could tell you that.
Question:Why did you,SpaceGhost,Capture Brak and Zorak?
SGC2C:I'll tell you why. I needed help for my modest little talk show...perhaps you've seen it.
CNZorak:Ego. He has to have people under him to push around.
CNZorak:Stick it to the MAN!
SGC2C:I politely asked if they would give me a hand.
SGC2C:When that didn't work...I pulled out the spank ray.
Question:This is for Zorak-Who are your musical influences?
CNZorak:Dillon, Metallica, Sonny Sharrock, and Bozar of the Mountain creatures.
CNZorak:He wails.
Question:Space Ghost: What is your fave pork product?
SGC2C:I just like the butts.
Question:Space Ghost, are you really fat like Zorak says?
SGC2C:Fleshy butts.
CNZorak:How's 467 pounds sound?
SGC2C:Okay, animation works wonders. I weigh 300 lbs.
Question:Hey Space Ghost, can you blast Zorak for me please?
CNZorak:Somebody ask a good question!
SGC2C:Thank you, kind citizen. Zorak?
CNZorak:No! Put that down!!
Question:Space Ghost:what advice would you give to an aspiring super hero talk show host?
SGC2C:Just this. Eat lots of water. Stay out of my way. Exercise using bread dough.
SGC2C:And get a good cape cleaner, for heaven's sake.
CNZorak:Don't shoot your band leader.
Question:oh space ghost, why don't you ever let zorak try on you power bands?--are you afraid, or something? hmmm?
CNZorak:He's afraid I'll "shoot myself."
CNZorak:That's what he tells me.
SGC2C:Zorak's thin, limp wrists could not support such a dangerous weapon.
Question:What has become of JAN AND JAYCE, Space Ghost?
CNZorak:I ate them
SGC2C:That's true. Zorak ate them.
Question:Space Ghost: Do you think that you and Dino Boy will ever be reunited or do you find your new adventures with Brak and Zorak more satisfying?
CNZorak:Dino Boy is practicing law in Boulder.
SGC2C:Dino Boy had the personality of mud.
CNZorak:Like I said, he's practicing law.
Question:If I have annoying freind what do I do with him?
CNZorak:Eat his head!!!!!
SGC2C:Teach him, "i" before "e," except after "c."
CNZorak:Always remember that friend ends with "end."
Question:Patrick From Richmond Virginia wants to know...How do you keep Zorak in his prisonpod?
CNZorak:How do you stay in Richmond?
CNZorak:Can I call you "jerk"?
Question:Is Zorak partially retarded?
SGC2C:Zorak is partially dehydrated. I add water to him each week.
CNZorak:We don't use that word, Mr. or Ms. insensitive.
CNZorak:You're sick. Humans are ugly.
CNZorak:Hairless apes!
Question:Hi there Zorak. Where did you get that nifty picture of the hammerhead guy?
SGC2C:From a web site.
SGC2C:He thinks I don't know.
CNZorak:Yep. WWW.hammerhead.com.
CNZorak:Don't go there. It doesn't exsist.
Question:How come Zorak is a locust in some episodes, then a mantis. Did he get an operation?
CNZorak:I was confused.
CNZorak:Hey, I'm a criminal.
SGC2C:Not that there's anything wrong with that.
SGC2C:A nifty 50.
CNZorak:You have to answer 5 questions.
SGC2C:You can win it by answering the
SGC2C:following questions.
CNZorak:I just said that.
CNZorak:Go, pickle.
SGC2C:Question number one.
CNW Pickle:Send all entries to screenname: ContestIck
CNW Pickle:---HINT: IT SAYS "MOO."
SGC2C:But ask yourselves a question, citizens. Why do you tolerate Zorak? He is bad, bad, bad.
CNZorak:Shut up!
Question:Is Brak related to some african tribe? His head gear is similar!
SGC2C:Make sure you watch "Gallahger," a brand new episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast...
SGC2C:tonight at 11 p.m. (ET).
CNZorak:No. Brak is part Monkey, part Cat.
Question:How many ghosts could a stout stoat toast if a stout stoat could toast ghosts?
CNZorak:You're an idiot.
SGC2C:Have you had a few stouts?
CNZorak:Where's there?
SGC2C:No. I'm in the can.
CNZorak:If there's here, then I don't.......what?
Question:Zorak, do you ever wear pants?
CNZorak:No! I'm free and easy, baby!
SGC2C:I can't answer you...I'm in the can.
Question:Why doesn't Zorak have a tongue?
CNZorak:I do.
CNZorak:I do have a tongue.
SGC2C:Because I AM IN THE CAN!!!
SGC2C:Can't you people read?
CNZorak:Shut up!
Question:How well do you get along with Scooby Doo?
CNZorak:I ate Scooby Doo.
SGC2C:That's absolutely correct. Zorak did eat Scooby Doo.
Question:Do you like the song by Hanson called MMMBop?
CNZorak:Hanson can kiss my hinder.
CNZorak:Bunch of lucky little snots!
SGC2C:I know Hanson. I worked with Hanson. Sir, you're no Hanson.
Question:Yo space ,what kinda music you listen too
CNZorak:He's really into Little River Band.
CNZorak:It's sickening.
SGC2C:I like light jazz. Bread, Kenny G. All the greats.
Question:Is Gus Jordan around? Tell him his Sarah says hi!
CNZorak:I ate Gus Jordan.
SGC2C:That's absolutely correct. Zorak did eat Gus Jordan.
Question:Zorak, do you have any comments about the nude pictures of you posted on the internet?
CNZorak:Well, okay, you got me.
SGC2C:Can someone send me that web address?
Question:Space Ghost, do you ever get a sore throat?
SGC2C:I mean it.
CNZorak:You've seen me naked!
CNZorak:He's invulnerable.
SGC2C:Why, yes. Have you seen it?
CNZorak:It drives me crazy.
CNZorak:Contradict me, why don't you!!!!
Question:ZORAK. Why are you evil?
CNZorak:Because. I love the thrill, baby!!!!
CNZorak:Turn on the Cartoon Network now!!!!!
CNZorak:Do it!!!!!
SGC2C:Watch me! Oh, watch me!
Question:where is the show recorded?
CNZorak:In burbank
CNZorak:I'm lying.
SGC2C:before a dead studio audience.
CNZorak:We use cans with strings.
Questiondo u prefer paper or plastic?
CNZorak:I like human skin.
SGC2C:I like pork butts.
CNZorak:I stole that joke from Drew Carrey.
CNZorak:What's a Cartton?
CNZorak:Yes, I fill myself with milk.
CNZorak:Look at me!!! I'm a cartton!
SGC2C:I'm Cartton your door man.
Question:Zorak,how many packs of gum can you consume on a yearly basis, WITHOUT spitting them on the floor?
CNZorak:My stomach is full of chewed gum.
CNZorak:It's painful.
CNZorak:I love it.
CNZorak:Wrap it up, pickle.
SGC2C:Warning kids. Do not consume mass quantities of gum.
CNZorak:Watch the show.
CNZorak:It's on now!
CNZorak:Get out of here!
SGC2C:Yes. But resist Zorak on all other topics!
OnlineHost:CNZorak has left the room.
SGC2C:Ouch. It hurts to be on t.v.
OnlineHost:SGC2C has left the room.
CNW Pickle:Thanks for joining us! Remember the first 50 correct entries will get a CD!
CNW Pickle:G'night all!
OnlineHost:Copyright 1997 America Online, Inc.
OnlineHost:CNW Pickle has left the room.

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