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Title:Gum, Disease
Original Air Date:November 10, 1994
Guest Stars:Branford Marsalis, Danny Bonaduce
Synopsis:The rapport between Branford Marsalis and Space Ghost makes it lookas though the then-band leader of "The Tonight Show" might be switching talk shows. Next, a child star from the same television era as Space Ghost, Danny Bonaduce, talks about his days with the Partridge family and his deep-seated hatred for Osmonds.

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Moltar:My nose is stopped up.
Space Ghost:(invisos in) Inviso in... (invisos out) Inviso out... (invisos in) Inviso in... There, seems okay now.
Moltar:(sneezes, entire studio shakes)
Space Ghost:Crimony! What's the ruckus, Zorak?
Zorak:What ruckus? (Moltar sneezes again, studio shakes)
Space Ghost:That ruckus.
Zorak:Oh. Moltar's sick. (Moltar sneezes again)
Space Ghost:Bless you, Moltar.
(Opening theme music & titles; part way through, Moltar sneezes again, and music & credits start fast-forwarding & rewinding, and playing at various speeds. Space Ghost invisos out & in again)
Space Ghost:(laughs) (aside) That was odd. (aloud) Greetings! I am Space Ghost. (smiles, light glints off his teeth) My guests tonight are recording artist and "Tonight Show" band leader Branford Marsalis, and former "Partridge Family" member Danny Bona-, Bon-, Bonaduckie.
Space Ghost:Gesundheit!
Moltar:(snort) Thanks.
Zorak:(plays Space Ghost to his desk)
Space Ghost:Zorak, that... (final drum beat) was less than satisfactory. Explain yourself.
Zorak:I.. don't know. Don't look at me!
Space Ghost:I am looking at you.
Zorak:Well, don't. (Zorak & Space Ghost stare at each other; Zorak blinks)
Space Ghost:(Ding!) Hah! I win, Zorak!
Space Ghost:Okey-dokey! My first guest, unlike Zorak, is a talented musician. Please welcome Branford Marsalis. (monitor lowers, but bounces repeatedly) Moltar! Bad director!
Moltar:I can't control it.
Space Ghost:Have to use freeze ray. (Fires freeze ray at monitor, it finally stops bouncing) Okay now. No more slip-ups. Remember, this is a professional talk show. (someone drops a microphone, feedback ensues; Moltar coughs in background) (pause) Branford!
Branford Marsalis:Hey, Space Ghost.
Space Ghost:Hey right back at you, Branford. So how goes the "Tonight Show"?
Branford Marsalis:It's going pretty good, sir.
Space Ghost:That's terrific. Mazel tov!
Branford Marsalis:Thank you very much, Mr. Ghost.
Space Ghost:I see you're chewing gum.
Space Ghost:Did you bring enough everyone?
Branford Marsalis:No, but I'll have some shortly.
Zorak:No gum?
Space Ghost:So, do you enjoy being the "Tonight Show" band leader?
Branford Marsalis:Yeah.
Space Ghost:Is it fun? Do you enjoy working with Jay Leno?
Branford Marsalis:Yes, yes.
Space Ghost:In a way, you're like Ricky Ricardo, except without all that other stuff.
Branford Marsalis:Absolutely, absolutely.
Space Ghost:So, what evil crime have you committed against Jay Leno to become his band leader?
Branford Marsalis:I don't, I don't know. I would, I... I really don't think I've done anything wrong.
Space Ghost:(sound of gavel falling) Guilty! (crowd murmuring in background) So, what does Jay Leno do to help defend the universe?
Branford Marsalis:He doesn't do anything to help the universe. (laughs)
Space Ghost:This concerns me. So, what is he like, then?
Branford Marsalis:He has all the money, all the babes, all the cars. He's the host. He's just like you.
Space Ghost:Hardly! I keep the universe safe; he doesn't! And, I have more trophies. (smiles, light glints off his teeth again)
Branford Marsalis:Oh, I'll tell his you said that, and I'll tell his wife too. (glare from Space Ghost's teeth starts overloading the cameras)
Zorak:Space Ghost! Shut your big mouth!
(Screen goes completely white, then goes black; then, a blue screen with a picture of Zorak and Moltar, and the words "WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES" appears, with background music; a short while later, the regular screen returns)
Announcer:(voiceover) We now join Space Ghost Coast to Coast, already in progress.
Space Ghost:... something crawling on the table... (looks up) Who was that?
Moltar:(sniffle) Some lady.
Space Ghost:(quietly) Alrighty. (normal voice) So, Branford, you have a new album! Tell us about it!
Zorak:Yeah, give us some gum!
Branford Marsalis:Yeah, it's a, it's a really nice album, it's a very dramatic departure from what I usually do. It's more like a, a pop album.
Space Ghost:Uh huh.
Branford Marsalis:There's a lot of strange mixes on there...
Space Ghost:Speaking of strange mixes, you know what I had for breakfast this morning?
Branford Marsalis:No, I don't.
Space Ghost:A sausage and mayonnaise soup, with a cream of corn omelet. (groans and grumbling voices in background)
Moltar:Oh, no, stop, don't!
Space Ghost:Some milk I left out in the sun for a week...
Moltar:(sounding nauseous)
Branford Marsalis:Oh, come on, don't do that, man!
Space Ghost:And some fuzzy bread.
Moltar:I'm gonna be sick! ("hurling" sounds)
Space Ghost:Moltar! Damage report!
Moltar:I just hurled in my helmet!
Branford Marsalis:Oh, man!
Space Ghost:I... think it's time to take a break (sound of a container being emptied) Moltar! Not in the control room!
Space Ghost:(playing "Sonic the Hedgehog" on monitor; exits game) Okay, we're back with Branford the Branford.
Branford Marsalis:Kick it.
Space Ghost:Branford, I wonder, does Doc Severinson ever show up and offer useless advice and mess with your horn section?
Branford Marsalis:Well, Doc gave me some really good advice right before, uh, the show started...
Space Ghost:(laughs) That Doc! You've gotta love him.
Branford Marsalis:Yeah, he's, he's, he's hype, he's dope, he's, he's crazy.
Zorak:(in "rapper" outfit, with "scratch" noises) Mrrrrr, stick 'em!
Space Ghost:(stares at Zorak) So, Branford, do you have musical knowledge to share with Zorak?
Branford Marsalis:Well, not the kind of knowledge you're referring to, but... (laughs)
Space Ghost:What's so funny?
Branford Marsalis:Oh, sorry, were you... nothing, were you saying something, Mr. Ghost?
Zorak:He was asking you, where's Zorak's gum? For me! Mine! My gum! Mine, not yours!
Branford Marsalis:Zorak, never eat anything larger than your head. (to Space Ghost) How's that?
Space Ghost:Not so good.
Branford Marsalis:(surprised) What do you mean?
Space Ghost:Would you care to join us for dinner after the show, Branford?
Branford Marsalis:Absolutely, what do we have, rabbit?
Zorak:I will eat your liver, with some fava beans and a fine Chianti. (sup sup sup sup sup) Oh, and some gum.
Space Ghost:Yeah, right, Zorak. You and what army?
Zorak:Ehhh, the Kiss Army. (Army voices: "Yeaaahhh! Destroy Rock City!")
Space Ghost:Er, right, right. (pause) Branford, I mean, Branford, before you go, will you scat?
Branford Marsalis:Well, it's gonna cost you, bro, you know I won two Grammies.
Zorak:(at desk with laser rifle) Make with the scatting (fires rifle)
Branford Marsalis:A one, a two, a one two three... (scats for 4 bars) (to Space Ghost) Go!
Space Ghost:(scats for 4 bars)
Zorak:(scats for 4 bars) Take it, Moltar!
Moltar:(tries to scat for a couple bars) Take it, Space Ghost.
Space Ghost:(scats again; Moltar sneezes, and Branford's image is replaced by Danny Bonaduce's)
Moltar:Space Ghost... (Space Ghost keeps scatting) Space Ghost!
Space Ghost:(stops) Hey, that's not Branford! It's that Partridge kid!
Moltar:(sniffle) We lost Branford.
Zorak:And the gum? (pause, then screams)
Space Ghost:Okay, everyone remain calm.
Danny Bonaduce:Hello?
Zorak:(finishes screaming) (to Moltar) You idiot!
Zorak:Shut up!
Danny Bonaduce:Hello?
Space Ghost:Hello, citizen Danny!
Zorak:(in background) Shut up!
Moltar:(in background) Sorry.
Space Ghost:So, what have you been up to lately?
Danny Bonaduce:Hi, Space Ghost. Well, I, I've been very busy, but before I even say what I've been doing, let me just say I have been on with some of the biggest talk show hosts in the world...
Zorak:(to Moltar) What?
Danny Bonaduce:... and this is an honor for me.
Space Ghost:Okay.
Danny Bonaduce:Just kidding! Ha!
Space Ghost:Listen, you have been in some trouble, haven't you, young man? In fact, you're very lucky to even be on my show. Don't you think you should thank me?
Danny Bonaduce:Ha ha ha ha ha... Very funny...
Space Ghost:I'm serious, Partridge. Thank me.
Danny Bonaduce:That makes me nervous.
Space Ghost:I'm waiting...
Danny Bonaduce:Thank you.
Space Ghost:Thank you, Space Ghost.
Danny Bonaduce:Thank you, Space Ghost.
Space Ghost:That's more like it. So, Danny boy, what super-power helped you battle the child star syndrome?
Danny Bonaduce:I used the power of invisibility.
Space Ghost:I have that.
Danny Bonaduce:Oh, no kidding!
Space Ghost:Would you use this super-power to help other child star victims?
Zorak:(to Moltar) Shut up!
Danny Bonaduce:No, because I have met other child star victims, and I've got to say that it's my opinion that they pretty much are getting what they deserve.
Zorak:Like Jan and Jace?
Space Ghost:Who?
Zorak & Moltar:(laugh)
Space Ghost:Danny, do you mind my asking how much you made from all those years as a Partridge?
Danny Bonaduce:I've got about eighty bucks and a lunchbox.
Space Ghost:That's it? That show made truckloads of cash! Boy, did you get rooked!
Danny Bonaduce:Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, that's where all the money went.
Space Ghost:It's pathetic how they treat talent in Hollywood. Right, uh, talent, personality, and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee.
Zorak:[No talent and no personality will get you a talk show]
Space Ghost:[Uhhhh...] Danny, what was your favorite thing about the seventies?
Danny Bonaduce:The beginning of the eighties.
Zorak:(in "punk" outfit) Whip it, whip it good!
Space Ghost:[Uhhhh...] Danny, what was your favorite Partridge Family song?
Danny Bonaduce:I actually have a couple. "Echo Valley 2-6809" was one of my favorites. By the way, if you call that, you actually get an old lady in Arizona, it's very cool.
Old Lady:(phone rings, she answers) Hello? Hello? Hello!
Moltar:(laughs, then coughs)
Danny Bonaduce:"I Woke Up In Love This Morning" (starts singing song)
Space Ghost:Ewww! Ewww! Joke's over!
Danny Bonaduce:Oh.
Space Ghost:I understand you're in radio now. Plug your station!
Danny Bonaduce:Um, let's see, uh...
Space Ghost:Wait for it... Go!
Danny Bonaduce:I work at -- (screen zaps, replaced by little girl playing a guitar & singing)
Space Ghost:Now what?
Zorak:Oh, um, sorry. I was sitting on the remote.
Space Ghost:(quietly) So, we lost Danny. That's okay. (screen zaps back)
Danny Bonaduce:Hello?
Space Ghost:Oh. You.
Danny Bonaduce:(laughs)
Space Ghost:Say, Danny the Danny?
Danny Bonaduce:Yes sir, Space Ghost?
Space Ghost:What did you want to become when you were a kid?
Danny Bonaduce:When I was a, a kid, I really only wanted two things. I wanted to be a policeman...
Zorak:[Lousy screw!]
Danny Bonaduce:... and, uh, to punch out Donny Osmond, or really any member of the Osmond family.
Zorak:When I was a larvae, I wanted to be the all-powerful ruler of the universe! (crown appears on his head)
Moltar:Me too! (crown appears on his head also)
Zorak:And, to have some gum.
Space Ghost:Do you know what gum is?
Zorak:Nnnnnnnnnnno... But I want some!
Danny Bonaduce:Have you ever met Donny Osmond, Space Ghost?
Space Ghost:I'd... (crown appears on his head) I'd rather not talk about it. (crown disappears)
Danny Bonaduce:Got it!
Space Ghost:Danny, you sound rather hoarse. Perhaps you've got The Sick of Moltar!
Space Ghost:Maybe I should take a look. Say "Ahhhhh!"
Danny Bonaduce:Ah.
Space Ghost:Louder, please.
Danny Bonaduce:AaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (glass breaks all over the studio, alarms go off)
Space Ghost:Okay, everyone remain calm.
Zorak:Space Ghost! (gets pulled out of his seat, flies across room) Wheeeee!!
Danny Bonaduce:You know, I, sort of after this, Leno sucks.
(Credits roll)
Branford Marsalis:(scats)
Danny Bonaduce:AaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

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