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Title:Story Book
Original Air Date:March 16, 1995
Guest Stars:Kirk the Storyteller, Carl the Cartoonist
Synopsis:Kirk the Storyteller and Carl the Cartoonist stop time with their riveting interpretation of two previous episodes of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast." "Banjo" and "Batmantis" unfold with a solemn reverence appropriate to their importance in the Space Ghost pantheon of electronic entertainment.
Trivia:Besides being a one-of-a-kind episode with almost no animation or guests, this was also the first episode to feature a title card and episode number in the closing credits.

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(Opening theme music & titles)
Space Ghost (SG): Greetings, I'm Space Ghost...
(Picture breaks up with static, and is replaced by a black and white drawing of Space Ghost's set; classical guitar music plays in background)
Kirk the Storyteller (KTS): Welcome to the amazing tales, of the classic superhero Space Ghost, who has entertained young and old for generations. I'm Kirk the Storyteller, and I'll be your narrator. Carl the Cartoonist will help me tell the stories by drawing pictures as we go along.
(Group of kids surround Carl; they suddenly whirl around and face camera)
The scene for our first story is set in the future, and features Space Ghost, and his adversaries Moltar and Zorak. We are in Moltar's control room, where Moltar and Zorak scheme to defeat Space Ghost. Zorak asks where Space Ghost is, and Moltar replies that he's in the back with his new sea monkey kit.
We now see Space Ghost reading from a sheet of directions. He reads that now he has created an adorable home, for sea monkeys. "Open the pouch," the directions read. "It contains sea monkey pellets. Pour them into the bowl, and in just minutes your sea monkeys will flourish with life."
Meantime, Zorak, on the monitor in the control room, is up to mischief as he speaks an incantation: "Lombaak ecree oplom ah-plee ozona ah-ah." "What is that?" asks Moltar. Zorak replies, it is a spell from his new book, The Joy of Incantations. It gives him power over Space Ghost's mind.
Meantime, before the bowl where Space Ghost is creating his sea monkeys, he continues to read the direction sheet. "Soon," he reads, "you will be able to observe your sea monkeys, as they make families, have dinner, purchase fine autos, and perform other daily life activities, all within the domain of the sea monkey bowl!"
Back in the control room, Moltar explains it's time to get the Space Ghost. He broadcasts for Space Ghost to return to the set. Space Ghost has heard the message, and he says to his sea monkeys, "I have to go, sea monkeys! Here, have one of my special supervitamins!" And now, on his show set, Space Ghost greets his audience. "Greetings, I'm Space Ghost! And joining me on the show are rap artist Schooly D, and "Weird Al" Yankovic. Say hello, Schooly! Say hello, Al!"
(doing a Schooly voice) "Hey, whassup, man, I'm all right! How ya doin'?"
And then Zorak comes forward and speaks his evil incantation: "Lombaak ecree oplom ah-plee ozona ah-ah." The Space Ghost loses control, as Zorak commands him to say something stupid! Space Ghost asks if they would like him to swallow a live mollusk!
Zorak continues his evil spell: "Lombaak ecree oplom ah-plee ozona ah-ah." Space Ghost continues his show, but he is not in complete control of his mind. "Schooly," he asks, "are you interested in frolicking in a leafy glade?" Zorak continues his incantation, but Space Ghost comes to his senses and shoots a ray, (ray sound effects in background) destroying Zorak.
Space Ghost then turns to Schooly, and says that to further demonstrate his powers, he will show Schooly his bowl of sea monkeys.
"Look at these monkeys! One of them, whom I have named Banjo, will become the King of the Sea Monkeys! Now watch this. Banjo, jump out of the bowl and show yourself to us! Now, Banjo, you've got a lot of growing to do."
Banjo grows rapidly, under Space Ghost's superpowers.
Now Al Yankovic joins them, saying that he too has magic powers. For example, he can turn red traffic lights green, just by staring at them! Space Ghost laughs; he says that that is enough to get him on the show!
And now Zorak, alive again, appears... and menaces him.
Banjo the sea monkey, who has grown to enormous size, comes to the rescue, displaying his own superpowers. Banjo shoots a laser at Zorak, (laser sound effect) and Zorak is destroyed, once and for all.
However, Space Ghost says that despite Banjo's help, the sea monkey is a danger to everyone. Banjo, as he grows ever larger, will possess too much power. Space Ghost shoots a ray, and destroys Banjo.
Now Space Ghost regrets his action. "Why," he says, "do we always hurt the one we love? Why, Banjo? Why? Banjo! Banjo! Baaannjo!"
And so we conclude this amazing story of the classic superhero, Space Ghost. This is Kirk the Storyteller, saying that we'll be back in a minute with another story.
KTS: In our second story, Zorak and Moltar are no longer Space Ghost's adversaries, but are now assisting him. As Zorak approaches Moltar's monitor, there is no sign of Moltar. Instead, he finds a note that alarms him. It says, "If you ever want to see Moltar again, Space Ghost must surrender his power bands, and give me control of the universe. If you don't comply, Moltar will be recycled. Signed, Your Mother."
Zorak exclaims, "Holy stolen lava, Space Ghost, Moltar's been kidnapped!" Space Ghost replies, "Right you are, my little green friend. An evil ploy by Your Mother." Zorak insists it is Space Ghost's mother. "No, not my mom!" says Space Ghost. "Someone else's mom! Someone's sick and deranged mom! Zorak, we'll need help. I'll scan the space frequency demodulator, with my remote control, and try to find Batman to help me." Zorak says, "You don't have to do that, because I am becoming Batmantis. I shiver with power, I ache with disease, I am Batmantis!" Space Ghost shouts in triumph, "Look into the eyes of justice, Your Mother, you'll never get my power bands, savvy? I now have Batmantis, to help me fight you to the end."
As Space Ghost continues to control the feed with power bands, Lee Meriwether appears on the screen. Space Ghost says that Moltar's been kidnapped, and he must save him. He asks Lee if she will help him. Lee replies that that will be thrilling, she'll take on the job.
Space Ghost then clicks through space frequencies. "Moltar, can you hear me? Are you there, son?" Adam West appears on the monitor; "Are you talkin' to me?" "Look," says Space Ghost, "Your Mother's taken Moltar, become Batman and help me! I need your superpowers." Adam laughs; "I'm just a little crazy, obsessed with fighting crime, but I have no superpowers. But I have all the answers here in my new book." But Adam West refuses to give his book to Space Ghost. "Adam, you're a wimp!" Space Ghost replies. "Well, I won't have to fight Your Mother alone: I have Batmantis!"
There is a call on the space feed, and Your Mother appears on the screen. "Who are you?" asks Space Ghost. "I am Your Mother! Heed my will! Surrender your power bands to me at once!" "What have you done with Moltar?" exclaims Space Ghost. "He's locked in a subzero vaporizing cabinet, where he'll catch his death!" laughs Your Mother. And then she yells, "Clean your room!" Space Ghost shudders; "This thing on the monitor is not my mother! My room was always clean!" Space Ghost is angry; "Listen up, parasite! I've joined forces with Batmantis, and we'll bring you down!" Your Mother scornfully replies, "Batmantis is no match for me! Repent, Space Ghost! Mourn for the frozen! In five minutes I'll pull the freeze lever, and Moltar becomes glacierized. Or you surrender your power bands."
There's a new signal on the screen. The face of Your Mother is replaced by Eartha Kitt, who now appears on the monitor. Space Ghost asks Eartha to join his forces, and help him save Moltar. "My problem is that Adam West refuses to become Batman and help me," he says. Eartha smiles; "But I think that's why he was chosen to be Batman, 'cause he's a sort of a, non-nothing character." "And he's shallow," adds Space Ghost. "Zorak, however, has become Batmantis, and he's more apt to help me. How about you, Eartha?" "I don't think I'd be that interested." "Is Catwoman a fraidy-cat?" jeers Space Ghost. "How about I call you Chicken Woman?" "Well, I'm not very fond of that title," snaps Eartha.
Your Mother breaks the feed, on the monitor screen, replacing the picture of Eartha Kitt. "Time's up, Space Ghost. Your lolly-gagging kills your friend. Watch as I pull the freeze lever." "Noooooo!!! Moltaaaaar!!! Nooooooooooooo!" Space Ghost groans. But suddenly he awakens to find Moltar beside him! "Moltar, is that you?" "In the flesh," says Moltar, "if I had flesh." "Oh, I had the most awful dream!" muses Space Ghost. "It is so good to see you safe and sound."
And so we have a very relieved Space Ghost, at the end of our second story. We hope you have enjoyed our episodes, assisted by Carl the Cartoonist (group of kids surrounding Carl whirl around again and face camera) as we have brought you fairy-tale-like adventures of the future and the fantastic. (music ends, with drawing of Space Ghost's set)
(Screen breaks up in static)
(Credits roll)
KTS: "Banjo! Banjo! Baaannjo!"

Kirk the Storyteller
Carl the Cartoonist
Matthew Maiellaro
Chris Feresten
James Kirkconnell
(inverted) Tom Roche
Rob Fielding
Sonny Sharrock
Eddie Horst
Andy DeLeo
Roy Clements
Hugues Cormier
Narinder Channa
Michael Cahill
Matt Harrigan
Gus Jordan
Alex Toth
Keith Crofford
Michael Lazzo

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