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Original Air Date:October 16, 1997
Guest Stars:Mike Judge, Harland Williams

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(Moltar in the control room, with Mike Judge on the monitor)

Moltar: Okay, recording, and... now!

Mike Judge: (in Butthead voice) Space Ghost isn't home right now, (laughs). (changes to Beavis voice) (laughs) Is there something I can help you with? (laughs some more) (normal voice) Okay, there you go.

Moltar: It's not for Space Ghost, it's for me.

Mike Judge: Did you want, I thought you...

Moltar: No, I want one for me.

Mike Judge: (in Beavis voice) Voltar isn't home right now. Leave a message. Beep!

Moltar: No.

Mike Judge: Okay.

Moltar: My name's Moltar.

Mike Judge: (winces) Moltar.

Moltar: Yeah, and, and say some stuff about fire this time.

Mike Judge: (in Beavis voice) Moltar isn't home right now, fire, fire, leave a message.

Moltar: Wait, wait, I, I wanted one with Butthead.

Mike Judge: (sighs) Another one?

Moltar: Yeah.

Zorak: Hey, do one for me!

Mike Judge: Okay, who's it for?

Zorak: (pokes his head into control room) Zorak!

Moltar: Do him and me!

Zorak: Me and him.

Moltar: And make it funny this time.

Mike Judge: (in Beavis voice) Zorak isn't here, Moltar isn't here, leave a message. (does the finger & lips thing)

Moltar: No, make it funny!

Mike Judge: (in Hank Hill voice) Zo-, Zorak and Noltar...

Moltar: Moltar.

Mike Judge: (disgusted) Ah! Forget it.

Moltar: No, no, no, no, no!

Mike Judge: Get what's-his-name to do a message for ya. (starts to walk off)

Moltar: Sit down, you gore belly rump dead foot licker! We're not done yet!

(Opening theme & titles)

Space Ghost: (invisos in) Greetings, all. Space Ghost is my name, and animated comedy-style interview programs based in outer space are my game. Joining me tonight are craven fat kidneyed flirt gill Harland Williams, and unmuscled sheep biting mold warp Mike Judge.

Zorak: Have you seen my tail?

Space Ghost: Your what?

Zorak: My tail. Some joker cut it off!

Space Ghost: You don't have a tail!

Zorak: I know, because some joker cut it off!

Space Ghost: Calm down, Zorak.

Zorak: You calm down! Did you eat it?

Space Ghost: Why would I eat your stupid tail, I didn't even know ya had one!

Zorak: Moltar?

Moltar: I didn't eat it. I don't even like tail.

Zorak: Oh, wait, here it is. (pause) It's not a tail after all...

Space Ghost: Play me to the desk.

Zorak: It's a wacky fun slippery slide!

(MoA music plays Space Ghost to the desk. Space Ghost invisos to his desk; Moltar and Zorak whoop it up in the background)

Moltar: Whoa, whoa!

Zorak: Wooo hoo hoo!

Moltar: Hey, check this out! (slides by)

Space Ghost: All right, put the wacky fun slippery slide away.

Zorak: Whee-eeeeee! (slides by)

Moltar: (crash!) My knee!

Space Ghost: Please welcome my first guest, citizen Harland Williams

Harland Williams: (monitor lowers from ceiling) (yodels)

Space Ghost: Greetings, Harland!

Harland Williams: Hello there... Billy.

Space Ghost: My name is not...

Moltar: Wheeeeeeeee! (slides by)

Space Ghost: ... Billy.

Harland Williams: Oh. (winks)

Space Ghost: It's Space Ghost.

Harland Williams: 'kay, Billy. Gotcha. (winks again)

Space Ghost: Hey, hey, don't call me Billy.I do not care for the name Billy.

Harland Williams: Space Ghost, you... you're a little, uh, rambunctious today.

Space Ghost: How would you like it if I pulled down your pants and spanked your bare bottom right here in front of Zorak, Moltar and everybody!

Harland Williams: I'll say one word about y- that: naughty.

Space Ghost: Naughty?

Harland Williams: Naughty. (points) Naughty Space Ghost.

Space Ghost: What do you mean?

Harland Williams: There's naughty stuff goin' on in your head, you probably have, like, daydreams about pomegranates, and ...

Space Ghost: (hears "pomegranates" with echo effect)

Harland Williams: Sea fleece.

Space Ghost: (hears "sea fleece" with same echo effect)

Harland Williams: Timber.

Space Ghost: (hears "chocolate chip cookie dough" with same echo effect)

Harland Williams: You like wood, don't you?

Space Ghost: Well, sure I do. Who doesn't like wood? Cedar, mahogany, rustic pine. Yes, wood is good food. (smile sparkles)

Harland Williams: Naughty-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y (image & sound get stuck in a loop; continues in the background)

Space Ghost: (laughs) (pause) What's the matter?

Zorak: That's some wacky stuff.

Space Ghost: Moltar!

Moltar: Alright. Uhhhh... hang on. (Harland keeps looping) Uh, is this on the same tape, or...

Space Ghost: Stop! (blasts Harland with his destructo ray)

Harland Williams: (stops looping) God bless you, O black capped whitey legs. D'you have varicose veins?

Space Ghost: No, I don't.

Harland Williams: Y'got big puffy veins, (makes pulsing sounds and motions with his hands) pulsing away like organ grinder monkeys on cheese twists.

Zorak: Yeah, he's got legs like his greasy grannie! (evil laugh)

Space Ghost: That extra grease tacked two years onto her life, thank you very much.

Harland Williams: You ever, uh, rubbed a bar of soap on your grandmother's forehead?

Space Ghost: I... don't think I'll have occasion to, being that she's no longer with us.

Zorak: Why, what would happen?

Harland Williams: Well, you'd have yourself one heck of a sparkling clean grand-mamá.

Space Ghost: Maybe you didn't hear me. My grandmother bought a farm!

Zorak: Really?

Moltar: Cattle or crops?

Space Ghost: She's dead, all right?! I don't want to talk about it!

Zorak: Oops. Back to the veins.

Harland Williams: Tell me about your veins. See, I'm turnin' the questioning around, now tell us about your big, greasy space veins... white legs!

Space Ghost: Harland Williams, I will not hold court to your mischief!

Moltar: Space Ghost! The completion backward principle!

Space Ghost: Uh, completion backwards principle?

Harland Williams: Tell us about the veins! (slurps)

Moltar: Remember? Zorak creates a diversion, while you circumnavigate Ghost Planet at the speed of light...

Harland Williams: That's right, Space Ghost.

Zorak: Causing the planet to reverse its rotation.

Moltar: Which in turn opens a multidimensional chasm. (monitor shows Space Ghost with three screens completely full of text flashing over him, reading, in part:)

Keith Crofford-Tad Ghostal:Temp
Crofford-Tad Ghostal:Temporary Items:W
Crofford-Tad Ghostal:Temporary Items:W
Crofford-Tad Ghostal:Temporary Items:W

(next screen:)

Crofford-Tad Ghostal:Temporary Items:W
Crofford-Tad Ghostal:Temporary Items:W
>(available in stores September 2 - EX

(next screen:)

Unknown LDI TBS Tur
>Entertainment Sandi Reid

Space Ghost: Thusly causing time to go backwards so that I can redo and/or cancel the interview before the secret of my hideous and spidery varicose veins becomes common knowledge to the general public!

Harland Williams: You see now, Space Ghost?

Space Ghost: Yes! Why didn't I think of it before?

Moltar: You did! You called it the completion backwards principle!

Harland Williams: All hail Space Ghost! And his giant pulsing veiny legs!

Space Ghost: Zorak! Create a diversion!

Zorak: Hey, everybody! Look at me! Do doodley do do, do do da do do...

Space Ghost: (flies off)

Harland Williams: Wh-, where is he?

Zorak: (laughs) Ever see Superman 1?

Harland Williams: Yes.

Zorak: He'll be back in a sec.

Harland Williams: (laughs)

Zorak: (laughs)

Moltar: (laughs)

Space Ghost: (flies back to desk)

Zorak: He's back!

Space Ghost: (out of breath) Greetings! (pants) I (pants) am (pants) Space Ghost.

Harland Williams: What, you wake up with a Winnie the Pooh video in your shorts?

Moltar: Idiot! You went the wrong direction! (screen shows text:)


Space Ghost: Are you sure?

Moltar: We've been on for three hours now!

Zorak: Yeah! I want time and a half!

Space Ghost: Ohhhhh... (falls down onto floor, everybody laughs) I think I pulled too many G's.

Harland Williams: That a boy, Jerry.

Moltar: Jerry! (laughs)

Harland Williams: (waves)



Mike Judge: (on Moltar's monitor, in Hank Hill voice) Oh, I tell ya what, that Space Ghost has a nice little patootie on him, don't he? (monitor shows text:)

BED[obscured by M's hand]BROOMSTICKS

Moltar: No!! (throws lever, sends Mike to studio monitor) You make me sick!

(Monitor screen flips through several test patterns, a picture of Adrienne Barbeau from "Jacksonville", and finally shows Mike Judge)

Mike Judge: (in Butthead voice) That was cool! (laughs)

Space Ghost: Identify yourself to the universe.

Mike Judge: I am Mike Judge. I am the creator of B-

Space Ghost: I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. I know what you do.

Mike Judge: Oh. (laughs)

Space Ghost: Maybe I can help you with your little cartoon deal.

Mike Judge: Uh, yeah, I, I would like to know what I can do to make what I do funnier.

Space Ghost: You should make your show like "Die Hard". Only put it on a bus! And then you should make the guys talk funny and hit each other in the head. And have explosions!

Mike Judge: I, I'm gonna write that down.

Space Ghost: And you should give all the guys in the thing a destructo ray and a freeze ray. And you should make them talk funny and hit each other.

Zorak: (in background) In the head.

Space Ghost: Yeah! In the head!

Mike Judge: Yeah, yeah, destructo ray, freeze ray, that could probably, like, that could put us over the top.

Space Ghost: Then I would come in and save the day! (hums superhero-type theme music)

Mike Judge: Well, um, you know how to get a hold of me.

Space Ghost: Oh, wait, I just remembered! Draw everyone with large muscular lantern-like jaws. Like mine! (jaw sparkles)

Mike Judge: Think if I'd drawn Butthead and Beavis with stronger jaws, and, uh...

Space Ghost: White booties!

Mike Judge: Yeah, white boots, they, they might be funnier and they might score.

Space Ghost: Well, you know what they say, Mike, dames are like mustard. They taste great on a sandwich. But when you're not eating a sandwich, they just sit there in your refrigerator... on a shelf... in a jar... labeled... mustard.

Mike Judge: Oh yeah.

Space Ghost: Okay then. Citizen Mike, give me an infectious laugh that millions will aspire to imitate.

Mike Judge: Well, you know, I actually found a tape of myself trying out different laughs. There was like (does Butthead laugh) and there was like (does monkey-like laugh) and, uh, you know, then, of course (does Beavis laugh). And, uh, if you wanted to have the (does monkey-like laugh) you could probably have that one.

Space Ghost: (Does monkey-like laugh) Will this (does monkey-like laugh) give me the approval of the much sought after 18 to 34 year old demographic?

Mike Judge: No, not really. (laughs) But it's free, though.

Space Ghost: Then I'll take it! Citizen Mike, what are your favorite programs?

Mike Judge: I really like this, I like Space Ghost, man.

Space Ghost: Thank you!

Mike Judge: I like, uh, Space Ghost... And, uh...

Space Ghost: Space Ghost?

Mike Judge: Uh, Space Ghost.

Space Ghost: Thank you once again! How can I repay you for your undying devotion?

Mike Judge: You could go into the cartoon "Rug Rats", and just sorta clean house.

Space Ghost: Yyyou want me to whack the Rug Rats?

Mike Judge: I'll give you a list of some people in the industry that need to be, uh, that need to have this done to 'em.

(Blasts Zorak with his own destructo ray)

Zorak: Aaaaaa!!!

Mike Judge: Sorry.

Zorak: Don't be.

Space Ghost: That was quite a display of superior firepower.

Mike Judge: Can you put a sound effect into this... (blasts Zorak again)

Zorak: Noooo!!!

Mike Judge: ... to make us equal?

Space Ghost: Sure thing...

Zorak: Wait a minute...

Space Ghost: Moltar?

Moltar: (throws lever)

Mike Judge: (in superhero/Hank Hill voice) What special powers do you have to help fight the insanity? (blasts Zorak again)

Zorak: No, wait... Aaaaaaa!

Space Ghost: No, listen: What special powers do you have to help stop the insanity? (blasts Zorak)

Zorak: Nooooooo!!

Mike Judge: You're right, let me try that again.

Zorak: Hold it, gimme just a sec.

Mike Judge: (Blasts Zorak again) What special powers do you have to help stop the insanity?

Zorak: All right, stop it!!! It hurts, okay?!

Space Ghost: Hmmm, I dunno.

Mike Judge: Well, let's hear you do Butthead.

Space Ghost: (completely straight voice) Ha ha ha, ha, ha ha. My name is Butthead, my head is a giant human butt. Ha, ha ha.

Mike Judge: And how about Beavis?

Space Ghost: (also in straight voice) Shut up, Butt land, my name is Beavis. How was that?

Zorak: (in background) Fab-oh!

Mike Judge: Yyyeah, yeah, that was... well, that was great.

Space Ghost: Oh, I'm good, baby.

Mike Judge: I'd like to hear Zorak do Beavis.

Zorak: I'd like to hear Mike Judge shut up!

Mike Judge: (looks shocked)

Space Ghost: Ooooh, did you hear that, Mike.

Mike Judge: Well, tell him I'd like to tie the long hair on his head to the short hair on his nose and kick him down the street, okay?

Zorak: Bring it on, you son of a carpenter.

Space Ghost: Knock it off, guys. Come on.

Mike Judge: (In Skeletor, from He-Man, voice) The power scepter is mine now, Beast Man!

Zorak: That's my tail!

Mike Judge: You betcha.

Zorak: Gimme back my tail!

Moltar: Wheeeeee! (slides by)

Mike Judge: (in Beavis' Cornholio voice) Are you threatening me?

Zorak: You've got my tail!

Space Ghost: All right, everybody. Just stop!

Mike Judge: (stares back)

Zorak: (stares back)

Moltar: (slides by) Wo wo wo wo...

Space Ghost: Thanks for stopping by, Mike.

Mike Judge: (in Hank Hill voice) Boy, I tell ya what, it don't get any better'n this.

Space Ghost: Nope! It sure doesn't.

Mike Judge: (in Beavis voice) (laughs) Boy! (laughs) It doesn't get any better than this! (laughs) Yeah!

Space Ghost: You hit the nose on the head, compadre! It just doesn't get any better than this!

Mike Judge: (in Butthead voice) Uh, it doesn't get any better than this? (laughs)

Space Ghost: No, it doesn't. And there you have it, folks.

Mike Judge: (in Buzzcut voice) Boy, it doesn't get any better than this!

Space Ghost: Mike...

Mike Judge: (in Mr. Van Driesen voice) You know, it really doesn't get any better than this, mm-kay?

Space Ghost: Mmm-kay! Thanks for being on the...

Mike Judge: (in Principal McVickers voice) (wheezes) It doesn't get any better than this. (wheezes)

Space Ghost: Mike... Mike!!

Mike Judge: (in Butthead voice) Uh... (in normal voice) What's that?

Space Ghost: I have to go home now.

(Credits roll)

Mike Judge: Here's Tom Anderson: "Boy, I tell ya what." Here's Hank Hill: "Boy, I tell ya what." It's a big difference.

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Harland Williams
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