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Original Air Date:December 4, 1997
Guest Star:Charlton Heston

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(Space Ghost is flying in the Phantom Cruiser, listening to a self-help tape)
Voice (V): And so it's easy to see why superheroes are at a crossroads. Driven to succeed, yet encumbered by images of the traditional superhero icon, increasingly at odds with today's societal structure.
Space Ghost (SG): Tell me about it.
V: Following are my seven superhero salvos for success. Repeat these at will.
SG: Alright.
V: Number one: I am in charge.
SG: I am in charge.
V: Number two: Mine is an energy that I choose to share.
SG: Mine is an energy that I choose to share.
V: Number three: Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
(Phantom Cruiser starts making strange noises)
SG: Oh, what's that?
V: Number four: There's no telling when your time will come.
SG: ????. come on. Come on, baby, don't do this to me today. I can't handle it.
V: Number five: love the moment...
SG: Shut up, you stupid tape!
(Opening theme & titles)
SG: (invisos in) Greetings, citizens! I'm Space Ghost. Joining me tonight is Acadamy Award winning actor, Charlton Heston.
Zorak (Z): (in background) I'm coppin' an attitude!
SG: What?
Z: Tonight! I'm coppin' an attitude!
SG: Fine, go ahead.
Moltar (M): I'm coppin' one too!
SG: Oh, really.
M: You bet! I am coppin' an attitude! (monitor shows text:)

SG: That's good.
M: I've had enough, and I'm not takin' anymore!
Z: That's right! We're layin' it down!
M: And ain't no way, no how are you gonna tell me different!
SG: Okay.
Z: We're settin' the tone, baby!
M: That's right! That is the way it's gonna be, friend! And if you don't like it...
Z: You know what you can do!
M: (evil laugh) I heard that!
Z: Oh yeah!
SG: I'm gonna go to the desk, okay?
Z: Go on, try, see what you get!
SG: (invisos to desk) Here I am now, at the desk.
M: You got lucky, pal! (monitor shows text:)

Z: You try it next time, you see what you get!
SG: Villains, listen to me.
Z: No.
SG: Try as you may, you will not knock my moon out of orbit and upset my tides of well-being-ness.
M: What are you talking about?
SG: Space Ghost of the Cosmos is now perfect... serene... (monitor shows text:)

Z: Stupid!
SG: ... and centered. Let's all synchronize our hearts.
Z: No!
SG: Moltar? I am ready to receive my guest.
M: (mutters) All right. (throws lever, sends Charlton to studio monitor)
SG: Greetings, citizen.
Charlton Heston (CH): (lowering from ceiling) Greetings, Space Ghost.
SG: Go on, tell everyone who you are.
CH: (silent)
SG: Come on.
CH: I am Charlton Heston.
SG: Yes! Our first Academy Award winner.
CH: Really?
SG: Really.
CH: Wow.
SG: You think the Academy would honor me for my talk show work?
CH: Um... let me be honest with you. I don't think so.
SG: I want one of those trophies, Carlton.
CH: Okay, you do?
SG: I want your trophy. Get it!
CH: Okay, okay.
SG: Wooooo!! All right! Look at me! Oscar winner Space Ghost! Woo Hoo!
V: (The vain man glorfies himself, while the self-actualized individual glorifies others.)
SG: Oh, okay. Chuck, you too are pretty good. I... can call you Chuck, can't I?
CH: You bet, you bet.
SG: How about Chuckles?
CH: If you insist.
SG: Oh, oh oh, wait wait wait, how about Cheston? See, it's a cross between your first name, which is Charlton, and your second name...
CH: Um, no. I don't think so.
SG: (pause) Never say "no, I don't think so". Try saying "yes, I think so".
CH: Oh, I see.
SG: The word "impossible" is a mistake, Chuck. It's really "I'm possible". (smile sparkles)
CH: You're all by yourself?
SG: I've got my enemies here. But... you know... no friends.
M: That's right!
Z: I ain't his friend! (monitor shows text:)
M: If you were to ask me if I were his friend, I would say "No!" to you.
Z: I heard that!
CH: Doesn't it get lonely?
SG: I go to parties.
CH: Oh, you go to parties?
SG: In my head.
CH: Yeah, I sense there's a hidden identity there.
SG: There's a party all the time there. Sometimes the neighbors up there complain, so I try to turn down the music. Only I can't. Because there are no knobs there.
CH: No, no, I understand, I'm, that's, that's fine. That.. let's let it pass.
SG: What's wrong? What's that? We're out of punch? I'll be right back.
M: Uh, who're you talkin' to?
SG: I'm back. It turns out I have an unlimited supply of punch.
M: I want some punch.
SG: For the parties.
CH: Okay.
SG: In my head.
Z: (sighs) Get on with the show!
SG: Are you gettin' enough oxygen, Chuck?
CH: Absolutely, I breathe very well in many atmospheres.
SG: Including the Planet of the Apes? They say there's nothing more fragrant than a hot ape.
CH: The odd thing about that movie, was all the gorillas sat at lunch...
SG: (starts laughing)
CH: This is no kidding, this is honest truth.
SG: Oh, really?
CH: All the gorillas sat at one table at lunch, and all the chimpanzees sat at another, and all the orangutans sat at another.
Z: (while Charlton is talking) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
SG: (to Zorak) Hey, cut it out!
CH: And, uh, the humans were ????...
M: (while Charlton is talking) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
SG: Stop it!! I'm afraid my sidekicks are copping an attitude, Chuck.
CH: Oh, I see.
Z: (continues making noise)
M: (does the same)
(continue to make noises as they talk)
SG: Been doin' this all day in here.
CH: Yeah, that's clear, that's clear.
SG: Breathe with me, Charlton.
CH: Okay.
SG: (takes deep breath, then exhales) Weather the storm.
CH: Okay.
V: (Away with confusion.)
SG: Aaaaaaa! (aims his power band at Zorak)
Z: Aa aa aa aa! Remember, vengeance is the refuge of the weak.
V: (He's right, Space Ghost.)
SG: Let me just give him one.
V: (No, rise above the fray.)
Z: Listen to her.
V: (You're not trying.)
SG: Can I just...
V: (No.)
SG: Just one?
V: (No.)
SG: (sighs) Fine.
CH: (gets zapped by Zorak) Oh, oh! Don't do that, don't do...
SG: Little green freak! (blasts Zorak)
Z: Hey, what, no... Aaaah!! (Blam!)
V: (Vengeance is the refuge of the weak.)
SG: (puts his hand over his face) I know.
Z: (crisped) (coughs) Idiot! (coughs)
SG: All existence is chaos, Chuck. The self-empowered man realizes this...
CH: Uh huh.
SG: ... and rises like an eagle above the tangled teaming masses.
CH: Wow.
SG: Talons out, ready to swoop.
CH: You're very perceptive, Space Ghost, I wouldn't have...
SG: ... thought that I had a new age spirituality? Well, surprise, Chuck, I'm a 90's guy.
CH: Did you have any, uh...
Z: Talent?
CH: ... how can I put it...
Z: Class? Intelligence?
CH: Formal education?
SG: Define "formal"
CH: I don't want to...
M: (throws lever, Charlton starts talking at double speed, monitor shows text:)
SAT 12

Z: (laughs)
M: (laughs)
SG: Oh, that's mature!
Z: Slow him down! Make him sound creepy!
M: (throws lever again, monitor text changes to
SAT 12

and Charlton starts talking at half speed)
Z: (continues laughing)
M: (continues laughing)
SG: (as Charlton moves his mouth in slow motion) Man, look at those teeth! Hey, wait a minute, is that...
Z: Spinach!
SG: (zaps Charlton on monitor, returning him to normal speed) Ya don't floss, do you, Chuck?
CH: You caught me. Not regularly.
SG: Busted! I can spot an unflossed mouth from two miles away! That's one of my powers.
CH: I suppose, yeah, okay, okay, no, I don't floss as regularly as I should.
SG: I don't talk about that power much. Not really one of my good powers, but still a power all the same.
CH: Uh, you're, you seem perfectly fluent in English, can you read?
Z: No.
SG: I like books on tape.
CH: Oh, no no no no, we can do better than that, what about Shakespeare?
SG: What about books on tape?
Z: No.
CH: No, nope. Shakespeare, that's the best of them all. You know Shakespeare.
Z: Nope.
SG: Not personally.
CH: No... (puts his hand to his face) You know the writings of Shakespeare.
SG: We didn't have the theatre when I grew up, Chuck. We had hard work. Long days, mending the nets. Scaling the fish. No part of the fish was wasted, Chuck. We used the entire fish.
CH: You sure, really, no kidding?
SG: (laughs) Of course I'm kidding!
CH: Oh.
SG: (laughs) Fishing in space! Tell me, Chuck, ever thought of starring in a sequel to "The Ten Commandmants"?
Z: No.
CH: Uh, I don't think so.
SG: Not a sequel man, eh?
Z: No.
CH: What other commandments are we gonna write?
Z: Thou that smelled it thine own self dealt it.
SG: (laughs) Thou that smelled it thine own self dealt it.
Z: (fake laugh) Jerk.
CH: Yeah, well...
M: Thou shalt not... hesistate.
CH: I'm kinda committed to the first ten.
Z: Thou shalt not be committed to old commandments!
SG: Zorak, one more commandment out of you, and thou shalt be blasted.
M: Thou shalt not mess with Zorak, or thou shalt have to mess with me!
SG: All right, everybody, just calm down!
M: Thou shalt not calm down!
CH: I hesitate...
M: Thou shalt not hesitate!!
SG: (blasts Moltar with his power bands)
M: (laying on his back) Ohhhhh boy...
Z: Uh oh, now you've done it!
M: We're now going to initiate the silent treatment. (monitor shows text:)

Z: I ain't saying jack!
SG: Fine. Good.
M: As of right now, my friend... silence. (monitor shows text:)

SG: (waits for them to say something)
Z: (silence)
SG: You guys aren't really gonna do this? (total silence) Come on, guys!
Z: (silence)
SG: Hey, come on!
M: (silence)
SG: Chuck, you're not doin' this too, are ya?
CH: (nods)
SG: Oh, man! (pause) Anybody want ice cream? Zorak? Ice cream?
Z: (silence)
SG: My treat. Moltar?
M: (silence)
SG: Pistachio. Butter pecan. (as he speaks, monitor shows text:)
M: (silence)
SG: Want some gum?
Z: Gu-- (wide eyed, then looks away)
V: (What are you doing?)
SG: (quietly) Silent treatment.
V: (You don't have time for this. You must destroy the Hoover Dam. It is your destiny.)
SG: What if I get caught?
V: (You're Space Ghost, superhero to millions. Who would suspect you?)
SG: Yeah, I am Space Ghost. It's my destiny.
V: (You better hurry up!)
SG: What about my pants?
V: (What?!)
SG: My, my, my pants.
V: (Your pants are fine. Hurry!)
SG: Let me just say goodbye to Charlton, okay?
V: (Uh uh! Someone's going to beat you to it!)
SG: All right, all right! (aloud) Uh, Charlton, I gotta go. Pick up the kids. Who are, nnnot in Nevada.
CH: Okay, Space Ghost. (waves) Absolutely.
SG: (flies off)
(Aerial shot, closing in on Hoover Dam, accompanied by dramatic sting music)
(Shots of extreme flood damage, police sirens in background)
SG: (bounds back to his desk; test pattern is on studio monitor) Well, goodnight, everybody, I, I, I gotta split. (flies off again)
(Credits roll)
(Police car screechs up, door opens)
Police Officer (PO): (through bull horn) Hey you!
SG: No!
PO: Hey, get over here. All right, we're gonna put ya...
SG: (struggling sounds) Ow!
PO: Take your hands away from your sides.
SG: It was my destiny, can't you see?
PO: I will not ask you again, sir, please take your hands away from your sides, please.
SG: This is my inviso belt.
PO: Yeah, right, buddy.
SG: You're all blind!
PO: Don't struggle with me! You understand?
SG: Blind pawns, blinded by government and the mass media.
PO: Do not struggle with me, sir.
SG: You're so blind.
PO: Spread your legs and put your hands on the side of the vehicle, away from the belt.
SG: (starts crying)
PO: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. Take the cape from over your face, please.

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