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Title:Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite
Original Air Date:December 25, 1997
Guest Stars:Pat Boone, Chuck D

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(Opening theme & titles)
Space Ghost (SG): (invisos in) Greetings, you people. I am the Space Ghost. If music be the food of love, then I'm gonna eat lots of the food of love. Why? Because my guests are crooners Pat Boone and Chuck D.
Zorak (Z): Space Ghost...
SG: Yes?
Z: Do you suffer from:
o Inflamation
o Chafing
o Uncomfortable Redness
SG: (silence) What?
Z: Don't be embarrassed.
SG: (low voice) What are you talkin' about?
Z: Only the comfort and affordability of Dr. Kwazar's Industrial Ointment.
SG: Ointment?
Z: Industrial ointment!
SG: (stares)
Z: It's good.
Moltar (M): Hey, Space Ghost, lemme clue you in to the premise of this episode.
(Moltar's monitor says:)
M: Zorak just got his first endorsement deal.
Z: Deal? Let me tell you about a good deal. And a good ointment. (holding up a "Dr. Kwazar's Industrial Ointment" sign) Dr. Kwazar's Industrial Ointment...
SG: Yeah yeah yeah yeah, celebrity endorsement. I remember my first one of those. And, this goes along with the premise.
(Flashback to black & white "Space Ghost" cartoon clip, with scratchy audio)
SG: (blasting a lava alien) Take that, you hot creature! (60's TV commercial music in background) Ah! After I finish off a horde of nasty villains, I like to re-energize with the delicious taste of Sugarman's Potted Meat Food Product. Sugarman's Potted Meat Food Product contains 2% real meat, and meat byproducts. That's right, 2% real meat to go along with superhero-sized portions of sodium nitrate, potassium bicarbonate, pyrodoxine hydrochloride, biotin, cobalt iodate, thiamine mononitrate, thenadiol bisulfite, sodium selenite, D-L-alpha-tocopperal acetate, glucaronalactone, lanacetol, pantothenic acid, and maltodextrin. Ask for Sugarman's. Meat like Grandma used to pot. (smile sparkles) (music ends)
(End of flashback)
SG: (eating a sandwich) Mmm, mmm, mmm...
Z: I thought they went outta business.
SG: (talking with his mouth full) Yeah, but I got a closet full of this stuff. That's how they paid me. Mmm, ah. Suckers.
(Moltar's monitor says:)
Pat Boone (PB): (on control room monitor, to Moltar) (puts on sunglasses) If I start like this, that would be okay, at some point I'll take 'em off, maybe put 'em back, but that's okay?
M: You've obviously given this a lot of thought.
PB: Space Ghost might, if he wants to, make some reference to the fact that, uh, they thought they had...
M: You're wearing sunglasses?
PB: Well, no, he thought they had Pat Boone here, but obviously they got, they've made a mistake, they've got some heavy metal rocker here or something.
(Moltar's monitor says:)
M: Ih.. sure, you can give him that option. But, uh.. lose the gum.
(Moltar's monitor says:)
PB: (gets rid of his gum) Okay.
SG: My first guest is my all-time favorite recording artist of all time!
PB: (on monitor, lowering from ceiling) I am Pat Boone.
SG: We need to lose the glasses, Pat.
PB: (takes off sunglasses) Oh, well, that could be arranged. Did I shake you up a little bit?
SG: No.
PB: (pause) Listen, I am really delighted...
SG: Pat, in 1955 you recorded the monster hit "April Love". Who was your inspiration for that masterpiece?
PB: Well, yes, I was influenced, uh, I don't know if you remember the great name Bing Crosby.
SG: Der Bingle!
PB: Der Bingle, you're right, hey, you continually amaze me, yes...
SG: That's because I'm amazing. Did you know I invented the cotton gin, because I needed a more efficient way to de-seed my cotton bales? And, get this: I've never owned a watch.
PB: Good.
Z: Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin!
SG: Lies! Stop with your slanderous lies! Just because you've never done anything, you lazy piece of space garbage! (softly) The look, the feel of cotton! That's all mine!!!
PB: It does not surprise me. It really doesn't surprise me.
SG: Zorak, every time you swab your filthy ears, you should fall to your knees and thank me for me and my amazing invention!
Z: Ih, yeah, I'll do that. Pat, do you suffer from inflamation?
PB: Boy, I don't know about you space creatures, but Earthlings need lots of fiber.
SG: It's fiber-licious, Pat.
PB: Yeah. Keeps you going good.
Z: Do you use the ointment?
SG: Zorak, a talk show is not the place to promote your personal projects! Boy, scolding Zorak sure builds up a man-sized appetite! I could go for a bowl of pulverized organ mash, basted in sweet intestinal bile fluids. (Then strap on your bib, Space Ghost, and saddle up to a heapin' helpin' of Sugarman's bovine-flavored potted meat! Have a cow, man! A Sugarman cow!)
PB: (You certainly, hey, that could be your slogan.)
SG: (Who-o-oa. hey Pat, we're readin' each other's heads!)
PB: (I know, see, and, and I'm enjoying this.)
Z: Hey, why are you guys just sittin' there, eh?
PB: (laughs)
SG: (laughs) (Zorak has a tiny brain.)
PB: (Yeah, well, maybe you got a point.)
SG: Ahem! Do you remember that time at Radio City, I was the one in the third row from the back. You know, the one with the mask and the cape, and I was saying, "Go, Pat. Sing another song." That was a little cheer I made up. Remember that?
PB: Yeah, yeah.
SG: Go, Pat. Sing another song.
PB: (sings) La la la-a-a, la la la la la la la la-a-a-a!
SG: (grins) Go, Pat. Sing another song.
PB: (snapping his fingers, sings) Space Ghost, he's the Space Most. Yes, the Space Ghost. Now see, that's only got one note.
SG: But the way you sing it, Pat, makes me think it's got at least three.
PB: (still snapping) Space Ghost, (ah, ah) he's the Space Most, (Space Ghost begins bouncing in his seat) (ah ah) Yeah, the Space Ghost (ah, ah, ah) he's the Space Ghost. Anyway, we can take it from there, there should probably be at least one other melodic note.
SG: We should cut that, man. We should go into the studio and lay that bad boy down, right now while the creative juices are still flowin'. Come on, Pat, let's go! (flies off) Pa-a-at!
SG: (bounds back to his desk)
Z: How'd your session go?
SG: Sweet as ice!
Z: Oh yeah?
SG: I had to punch Pat in the jaw a couple of times, but other than that, I'd say we built a wall of groove!
Z: (pause) Well, let's hear it.
SG: Pat's still tinkerin' with the mix. And now, let's mess up the mix, for rap artist Chuck D.
Chuck D (CD): (on monitor, lowering from ceiling) Hey, thanks a lot.
SG: Greetings, Chuck ol' buddy.
CD: So, Space Ghost, I've been a fan of yours since about 1966, remember?
SG: (sighs) 1966.
(Screen fades, with choir music, to reveal black screen with large "1996" digits)
Voice (V): 1966! (screen fades back to studio)
SG: Those four numerals, placed sequentially, still look the same.
Z: Chuck, do you use the ointment?
SG: Zorak!
Z: I'm just askin'!
SG: Don't answer that, Chuck. My bandleader is wack.
CD: There's no such thing as, as anybody being wack, it just means that, you know, you need to work on your stuff a little better.
SG: Oh, he's wack all right. He's a wacky pack!
CD: Okay.
Z: I have a rap question.
SG: (glares at Zorak)
Z: Do rappers use the ointment?
SG: Okay, Zorak, I'm sick of this. Tell us about your amazing ointment, and get it out of your system, so you'll shut up!
Z: It, um, oh, um, it's, it's, it's good, um, it's, it's, it's good ointment.
SG: Is that it? Are ya done?
Z: It, uh, it, it makes your skin all creamy and nice. (squirt!) Here, uh, dab some on your face.
SG: No!
Z: Okay, it's, I mean, you don't have to, it's.. your loss, really.
SG: Shut up!
Z: (pause) You know, it's your skin.
SG: Shut up!
Z: (pause) But see, look at my pincers...
Z: Okay!
M: Hey, Chuck, you wanna run some ball later? I can make a lay-up.
CD: I used to dunk when I was in eleventh grade.
M: I, uh, I have to bounce the ball with both hands.
CD: I hear ya, you ever go down to the run and shoot?
M: Uh, no, but one time I blew up a porta-potty.
(Moltar's monitor says:)
CD: Oh, hey.
(Moltar's monitor says:)
M: I had to change clothes after that.
SG: Now Chuck, my favorite rapper is M. C. Escher.
CD: I could tell.
SG: Please, Escher, don't hurt 'em.
Z: Hey, Chuck, how do you feel about the east coast / west coast beef?
CD: East coast / west coast, ah, I just think it's, it's largely fake.
Z: Alright.
CD: So don't believe the hype.
SG: Chuck, what's with all the record scratchin'? I mean, records aren't made to take that kind of a beating.
CD: (laughs) Maybe not, Space Ghost.
Z: You like Goody Mo B?
CD: Yeah, Goody Mo's the bomb. Now, Goody Mo, Fugees...
Z: Wu Tang!
CD: Yeah, Wu Tang, you know, they hittin' near the bottom, I think...
SG: You don't have to talk to Zorak, Chuck. He's not dope or fresh!
Z: He's askin' some, some pretty good rap questions.
(Rappin' Space Goblin appears, with rap music intro)
Rappin' Space Goblin (RSG): Well, I'm the Space Goblin, and I'm here to say
That stayin' in school is A-okay.
If you wanna good job, and you wanna do right,
Then stay in school... it's outta sight.
SG: Well, look, everyone, it's the Rappin' Space Goblin, here to do us a "solid", by providing some valuable information for you kids out there. Let's listen...
RSG: Well, I'm the Space Goblin, and I'm here to say
That if you're crossin' the street, you best look both ways.
SG: Say, Chuck, would you care to break some rhymes with the Space Goblin?
CD: (shakes his head) Nah.
SG: Your loss. Rappin' Space Goblin, what's the "word" on the street regarding a healthy diet?
RSG: We-e-e-e-ell, I'm the Space Goblin, and I'm here to say
That eatin' vegetables is A-okay.
Like - Arrggghh! (gets blasted by Zorak)
Z: (holding his blast rifle) Aah, 'ere we go.
SG: Zorak, you have destroyed an important educational tool.
Z: So?
SG: And a dear friend. (aims power band and blasts Zorak)
Z: Aaaagh!
CD: Everything is cool, everything's peace in here, right?
SG: Yeah yeah yeah yeah. And now, let's listen to Mr. Pat Boone and I performing my new hit single, "Space Ghost, He's the Space Most".
(Credits roll during following "song":)
PB: Space Ghost.
SG: Space Ghost!
PB: He's the Space Most.
SG: I'm the Space Ghost!
PB: Yes, the Space Ghost.
SG: Space Ghost!
PB: He's the Space Most.
SG: He's the Space Most!
PB: Yes, the Space Ghost.
SG: Space Ghost!
PB: Ah. Ah.
SG: You know the words!
PB: He's the Space Most. Ah. Ah.
SG: I'm the Space Most!
PB: Yeah, the Space Ghost. Ah. Ah.
SG: Yeah! The Space Ghost.
PB: He's the Space Most.
SG: I'm the Space Most!
PB: Yes, the Space Ghost.
SG: That's me!
PB: He's the Space Most.
SG: I'm the one!
PB: Yes, the Space Ghost. Ah. Ah.
SG: Space Ghost!
PB: He's the Space Most. Ah. Ah.
SG: Come on!
PB: Yeah, the Space Ghost. Ah. Ah.
SG: Yeah! The Space Ghost.
PB: La la la-a-a, la la la la la la la la-a-a-a!

Pat Boone
Chuck D
Ben Karlin
Rich Dahm
Alan Laddie
Jay Edwards
(inverted) Tom Roche
Sonny Sharrock
Eddie Horst
Sonny Sharrock
Lance Carter
Eddie Horst
Alfrieda Gerald
George Lowe
C. Martin Croker
Gus Jordan
Bruce Taylor
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C. Martin Croker
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Isabel Gonzalez
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James Huffman
John Schimansky
Nathan Cook
Christopher Weed
Palmer Norwood
Alex Toth
Jim Fortier
Pete Smith
Andy Merrill
Chip Duffey
Dave Willis
PRODUCER Keith Crofford
Michael Lazzo

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