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Title:Rio Ghosto
Original Air Date:September 17, 1998
Guest Stars:Ben Stiller, Kevin Smith, Jim Jarmusch

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(Opening screen with Ghost Planet, titled "Last Saturday". Transition to Space Ghost's lab, with sign reading "Do Not Enter, House of Pain Cakes". Space Ghost types on a mechanical typewriter as he speaks)

Space Ghost: Scene one, office, day. Mr. White says, "I will stop you." (carriage return) And Mr. Black says, "You won't stop me." (CARRIAGE RETURN) Mr. White says, "Yes, I will stop you." I read that wrong: "Yes, I WILL stop you!" (CARRIAGE RETURN) (PAUSE) Hmm. (PAUSE) Robotic space worm enters, destroys city, The End. (carriage return) (pause) Or is it? (carriage return)

(Opening theme & titles)

Space Ghost: (invisos to set) Greetings, I'm Space Ghost, architect of the future. Welcome to the show. (waves) So, how was your weekend, Zorak?

Zorak: I, uh, I did some volunteer work over at the orphanage.

Space Ghost: Well, I was... (does a double take) Yeah. Well, I was finishing up my screen play, and it's brilliant. Brilliant! Now play me to the Desk.

(Zorak and Way-outs play)

Space Ghost: (invisos to desk) Some of my director pals are dropping by the studio tonight, and if one of 'em plays his cards right, I'll affix him to my movie.

Zorak: You don't know any directors.

Space Ghost: Sure I do. Moltar's a director, aren't you, Moltar?

Moltar: Yeah, check it out. (throws lever, title card reading "A Moltar Film" scrolls up onto screen, with fanfare music) Ta da. (title card stays in middle of screen)

Space Ghost: See, Zorak?

Moltar: Hey Space Ghost, why doncha let me direct your movie?

Space Ghost: Moltar, Moltar, Moltar, Moltar, Moltar, Moltar, Moltar. (laughs) That's very thoughtful of you. But your specialty is cartoons.

Moltar: So?

Space Ghost: So cartoon's are kid's stuff. I need someone with real adult film experience. I'm sure you understand.

Moltar: Oh, I do.

Space Ghost: And, would you lose the title card. We're not doing "Three's Company" here.

Moltar: Sure. (throws lever, title card disappears and trap door opens under Space Ghost's chair)

Space Ghost: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Zorak: (evil laughter)

Moltar: (evil laughter)

Space Ghost: (thud) (far away voice) Moltar, see me after the show.

Moltar: (laughs)

(Monitor lowers from ceiling with Ben Stiller. Space Ghost's desk is still empty. smaller "A Moltar Film" title card appears in lower left corner)

Zorak: (turns and glares at Ben)

Ben Stiller: It's a pleasure to be here.

Zorak: Who are you?

Ben Stiller: (looks around) Um, I'm Ben Stiller.

Zorak: Is that a wig?

Space Ghost: (groaning sounds, climbs up through trap door and into his chair)

Zorak: It sure looks like a wig.

Space Ghost: Sorry about that, Ben. Can we get you anything?

Ben Stiller: I probably could use some coffee.

Space Ghost: Yeah. (creaking sound in background) Coffee would be good.

Ben Stiller: Um...

Zorak: Psst, Ben?

Ben Stiller: Yeah?

Zorak: You have a kind face.

Ben Stiller: Thank you.

Space Ghost: The kind you would like to do what to, Zorak?

Zorak: The kind I'd like to chew off and spit on and spit up and stomp on...

Ben Stiller: You know what?

Zorak: I'm not finished yet. And slap. And push. And kick. And... push. And... kick.

Ben Stiller: Zorak, I enjoy the, your ribald sense of humor, that you bring to the show.

Zorak: Yeah, I'm ribald.

Ben Stiller: I think you are a necessary evil...

Zorak: Yeah, I'm evil.

Ben Stiller: ... if you will, on this show.

Zorak: Yeah, I will.

Ben Stiller: I think you guys have a great little reparte thing happening.

Space Ghost: Don't mind Zorak, Ben, he's just a squirrel.

Ben Stiller: (laughs) Okay, uh...

Space Ghost: (coughs) Uh oh (laughter in background) (coughs again; more background laughter) Hang on. (sneezes) (enthusiastic applause) Thank you!

Ben Stiller: (holds hands up) Oooo!

Space Ghost: Anyway, I think you should direct my movie!

Ben Stiller: Yeah, "Cable Guy 2", starring Space Ghost. You could be the, uh, kooky guy who comes and hooks up the, uh...

Space Ghost: Let me get with my people, Ben. I'll get back to you on that. Zorak, Moltar, meeting.

(In control room)

Space Ghost: Gentlemen?

Zorak: (flaps lips) Stinks.

Moltar: Pasadena.

(In studio)

Space Ghost: Ben, we love the idea! So, we're gonna pass. Moltar and Zorak, they just don't share our vision.

Ben Stiller: Okay, thank you. Moltar, and Zorak. (laughs)

Space Ghost: Ben, you've been making movies since before you were born. If you could give me any advice about my movie career, what would it be?

Ben Stiller: Um, I would start out with comedy, like you're doing.

Space Ghost: (writing franticly) Start... out... with... okay, start out with comedy, like I'm doing...

Ben Stiller: Do the stand-up, I'd like to see you do some stand-up.

Space Ghost: The stand-up. (stands up) Like this?

Ben Stiller: Uh...

Space Ghost: Is this funny?

Ben Stiller: No. (smiles)

Space Ghost: (begins to float) How about floating?

Ben Stiller: Okay.

Space Ghost: Is that funny?

Ben Stiller: (laughs) No.

(Some goofy guy rolling on the grass, laughing)

Space Ghost: (talking on the phone through his communicator) Now, if I'm not completely satisfied, you say I get a full refund. (background reply sounds) That sounds fair. And, still keep my miracle hat? (reply sounds) Yeah, I think I do know a couple of people who may be interested.

Moltar: No.

Space Ghost: O-kay. Zorak, you want in on this?

Zorak: (flaps lips)

Kevin Smith: (appears on monitor) Hey, how are you, Ghost.

Space Ghost: I'm on the phone, that's how. Rude. Okay, put me down for six dozen more. (reply sounds) Yeah, I can hold. (hold music)

Kevin Smith: (puts his hand to his ear)

Space Ghost: Where'd you get that sweater? It looks cheap. I hate it. (hums along with hold music) (click: reply sounds) Okay then. (phone hangs up, dialtone) Thank you so much. Bye now. Alrighty. Identify yourself, Kevin.

Kevin Smith: Um, I'm Kevin Smith. I've, I've directed "Clerks" and "Mall Rats" and "Chasing Amy".

Space Ghost: And that's why you're here. To discuss my movie.

Kevin Smith: Um, I guess I should, I should pitch you something, huh? Are you up for that?

Space Ghost: I'm up for sittin' by the pool and watchin' the jack roll in.

Zorak: I'm up for a Peabody.

Space Ghost: (looks at Zorak) Squirrels don't win awards. Stupid squirrel.

Kevin Smith: Zorak.

Zorak: Kevin!

Kevin Smith: Zorak! (makes thumb-forefinger-pinky gestures with both hands)

Zorak: Kevin!

Kevin Smith: Zorak!

Space Ghost: (stands up) Spaaaace Ghoooost!

Kevin Smith: (rolls his eyes)

Space Ghost: (sits down) Ha ha, sorry.

Zorak: Pfft!

Space Ghost: So, Kevin, what's the plan? What now, where to, what's next for the Space Ghost?

Kevin Smith: I think you just need to work with the right director. So I'm sure this is boring Zorak, but...

Zorak: Yeah, I turned off my ears five minutes ago.

Space Ghost: Then how did you know what he said?

Zorak: Huh?

Space Ghost: I said, if you turned off your ears, how did you know what Kevin said?

Zorak: What?

Space Ghost: I said, if you...

Zorak: Huh?

Space Ghost: I said, if you turned, did you say "turned off"?

Zorak: Yup.

Space Ghost: I said, if you turned off your ears, how did you know what Kevin said?

Zorak: Ih.

Space Ghost: Zorak? Zorak!

Zorak: (floats out of his pod)

(Space Ghost shoots Zorak with his power bands)

Zorak: Aaaaa!!! (lands in his pod)

Space Ghost: Floating isn't funny.

Kevin Smith: (laughs) Tad.

Space Ghost: You laughin' at me, boy?

Kevin Smith: No, I, I didn't mean, I was laughing with you.

Space Ghost: But I wasn't laughing, was I?

Kevin Smith: No, you hadn't...

Space Ghost: No, I hadn't, had I?

Kevin Smith: No...

Space Ghost: So, it's all settled then. Now I have a contract drawn up for you to direct my movie. All you need to do is sign it, and then go away.

Kevin Smith: I'd be up for that. I'd, I'd sign a waiver.

Space Ghost: Actually, it's a little more binding than a waiver. It's more like a trap. So, if you could just go ahead and sign that, we'll begin principle photography in, what, say, ten minutes?

Kevin Smith: You are takin' care of business, he is takin' care of business, Zorak, isn't he?

Zorak: (transformed into a squirrel) (blinks) Screwy, ain't it?

Kevin Smith: Never mind the big bug bust-the-power-band move.

Space Ghost: Listen, Kevin, if you're not going to take this seriously...

Kevin Smith: I've got a question now, where is, where is the monkey?

Space Ghost: That's it.

Kevin Smith: Monkey can't get a break in this business.

Space Ghost: Moltar!

Moltar: Cue fire. (throws lever, Kevin is enveloped in flames)

Kevin Smith: Aaaaaa!!!

Space Ghost: (taps cards) Meeting.

(In control room)

Space Ghost: Is everyone here?

Zorak: Yup.

Moltar: Yup.

Space Ghost: Good.

(In studio)

Space Ghost: Alrighty. Please say hello to my last and final guest, Jim Jarmusch.

Jim Jarmusch: I'm really happy to be here, but I'm a little confused, because I, uh... (flames leap up around jim) Uh...

Space Ghost: Okay, quit horsin' around, Moltar, you're embarrassing me. (flames subside)

Jim Jarmusch: That's better, thanks. The last thing I remember was I was asleep at home in my bed, and then there was this really intense white light, that...

Space Ghost: I usually see sky rockets.

Jim Jarmusch: I, I see.

Space Ghost: Yes. Then, the depression and guilt.

Jim Jarmusch: Really.

Space Ghost: I don't need to tell you that. (beat) Out loud. (beat) Meeting.

(In control room)

(Zorak the squirrel and floating Moltar)

Space Ghost: (coughs) (applause)

(In studio)

Jim Jarmusch: Hey, could I say 'hi' to some of my friends in the cartoon world? (Quickdraw McGraw walks by) 'Cause I've never been, like, in cartoon land before.

Zorak: How ya doin' there, pardner? Hup, see ya later.

Space Ghost: Actually, Jim, I - (falls through trap door again) Aaaaaaaaaaaa...

Zorak: (evil laughter)

Moltar: (evil laughter) I love that.

Zorak: Psst, Jim!

Jim Jarmusch: Yeah. (thud)

Zorak: You have a kind face.

Space Ghost: (far away voice) Meeting!

(In control room)

(Disco lights and music)

(In studio)

Space Ghost: Anyway, about my movie...

Jim Jarmusch: You could, like, grow an extra head or, you know, die and come back to life, or, uh...

Space Ghost: (beat) Meeting!

(In control room)

(Everyone sings)

Space Ghost: Hello!

Moltar: Hello!

Zorak: Hello!

Jim Jarmusch: Hello?

(In studio)

Space Ghost: Sorry, Jim, but we're in a hurry, and the only reason you're here is that you're a director. So, help me or leave.

Jim Jarmusch: Yeah, I, I, uh... What's up with Zorak, is he, uh, he's like some kind of outer space grasshopper or something?

Space Ghost: Help me or leave, Jim.

Jim Jarmusch: Is he related, is he, like, the evil twin of Jiminy Cricket? You know, the...

Space Ghost: Help me or leave, Jim.

Jim Jarmusch: And another thing I wanted to ask you, now, why do you superheroes, like, wear your underwear on the outside of your pants?

Space Ghost: Moltar?

(Jim is enveloped in flames)

Jim Jarmusch: Aaaaaa!!!

Space Ghost: Aw heck, I'll just direct it myself.

Jim Jarmusch: Help me!

Space Ghost: Oh, be quiet.

(Credits roll)

Space Ghost: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Ben Stiller
Kevin Smith
Jim Jarmusch
Mark Banker
Ken Brady
Tom Roche
Sonny Sharrock
Man...or Astro-Man?
Sonny Sharrock
Lance Carter
Eddie Horst
Alfrieda Gerald
Man...or Astro-Man?
George Lowe
C. Martin Croker
Pete Smith
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Dave Sillman
Pat Epstein
Jay Bellissimo
Mark Coddington
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Mardy Beeson
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Vishal Roney
Nina Bishop
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Maya McClure
James Huffman
Michelle A. Long
Michael Lazzo
Joey Googe
Natali Tesche
Nathan Cook
James Harrison & Family
Southern Animal Talent Agency
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Kathy Roast
Kenny Crow
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Isabel Gonzalez
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Barry Mills
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Keith Crofford

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