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Title:Waiting for Edward
Original Air Date:December 24, 1998
Guest Star:Denis Leary

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Waiting (for a really really long time)

(Zorak is riding on Space Ghost's shoulders)

Zorak: Yah! Yah!

Space Ghost: Hang on, Zorak, hang -

Waiting (again briefly)

(In control room, Moltar throws the lever, a black and white photo of a bald man wearing a tie appears on monitor, followed by a test pattern with a "7", followed by Denis Leary)

Denis Leary: Moltar, how are ya?

Moltar: This is how I am, Denis. (pulls lever) I'm destroying the planet. (klaxon siren in background)

Denis Leary: Get outta here.

Moltar: Yeah. And I'm havin' a sale, too.

Voice: Seven minutes, twenty seven seconds until total devastation.

Moltar: Whattya think about that?

Denis Leary: Now you, you overstep your, your boundaries when it comes to power.

Moltar: How about a free kick in the throat?

Denis Leary: See what I'm saying?

Moltar: (throws lever, sends Denis to the studio monitor) Bah! (laughs)

Space Ghost: (invisos in to control room) Moltar, are you trying to destroy the - Oooh! Are you having another Total Devastation sale? (looks at sign:)


Take an additional 30%
off all men's outerwear!

Moltar: Yup! Everything must go.

Space Ghost: I don't have any money! (punches Moltar in the face)

(Moltar and Space Ghost proceed to punch each other rock'em sock'em style)

(In the studio; Denis is already on the monitor)

Zorak: Wow! Denis Leary! I've seen all your movies!

Denis Leary: Thank you, thank you.

Zorak: I didn't think they were very good. (Beat) What'd you think?

(In the control room; Space Ghost is lying on the floor, Moltar is standing on his back)

Space Ghost: Ooh! Get off my back!

Moltar: (laughs, hops onto his head) Ooh, sorry! (laughs)

Space Ghost: My head! This is going in your file! (invisos out, Moltar drops to the floor)

(In the studio)

Space Ghost: (invisos in) Hello! I'm Space Ghost!

Zorak: And I'm Zorak.

Space Ghost: Nobody cares who you are, Zorak.

Zorak: (BEAT) Man, you're wrong about that.

Space Ghost: (Beat) Okay, okay, everybody pipe down. Guest is here, it's interview time. (invisos to desk while Zorak plays cheesy funky organ music; Space Ghost plays with his inviso control, fading in and out for about fifteen seconds, until music stops)

Space Ghost: I like that that happened. (Beat) I'm gonna do that again. (Music starts again, Space Ghost resumes invisoing in and out) (moans) Denis...

Denis Leary: Hi, how are ya?

Space Ghost: (still invisoing in and out) Good, good, and you?

Denis Leary: Oh, okay, good.

Space Ghost: Mmmm. (finally finishes invisoing in) (sighs) Ah, there we are. Denis, are you a leprechaun?

Denis Leary: No, there's no such thing as leprechauns. (sips water)

Space Ghost: Oh, yeah, yeah, I was gonna say.

Denis Leary: Mm hm.

Space Ghost: (looks at his card) Okay then... well, that's all I got. We done here?

Zorak: (NODS)

Denis Leary: Uh, I have one question for you, have you ever thought of taking a vacation and - (Space Ghost is walking towards Zorak's pod) You're not listenin'.

Space Ghost: (to Zorak) Say, what's this thing?

Zorak: Don't touch it, it's mine!

Space Ghost: When did you get this?

Zorak: I've had it.

Space Ghost: (presses a keyboard key, a riff plays) You didn't tell me this was a synthesizer! (plays a few other keys) It has samples! Hey, get out of there, scoot over!

Zorak: Hey, quit, quit shovin'!

Space Ghost: Mine! My turn!

Zorak: Jerk!

Space Ghost: (sitting in pod; he sings his lines while he plays a melody on the keyboard) 'Hey Denis, what brings you to these parts?'

Denis Leary: Uhhhh... you asked me to appear on the show, so I -

Space Ghost: I did? Oh yeah! (sings and plays) 'I did, didn't I?'

Denis Leary: I'm actually doing this as a sort of a, uh, a payback for my kids, 'cause they're big fans of your show. I don't really watch the show, and I'm not really a big fan, I don't think you're that funny, quite frankly.

Space Ghost: (sings and plays) 'Not that funny, eh?'

Denis Leary: Well, my kids watch the show, so I'm on the show 'cause it'll please my kids.

Space Ghost: (sings and plays) 'So the feelings of your stupid kids are more important than mine.'

Denis Leary: Yeah.

Space Ghost: (stops playing, walks over to studio monitor) Who do you think you are?

Denis Leary: I think the universe knows who I am, Space Ghost.

Space Ghost: Then who do you think the universe knows I am, Denis?

Denis Leary: Space Ghost, and I'm Denis Leary, of course. Master of the universe.

Space Ghost: (sitting at desk) (laughs) Master?! I know one or two guys who might disagree with you. (whispers) Master!

Denis Leary: Like who?

Space Ghost: Yoda.

Denis Leary: Okay, who else, on the list?

Space Ghost: (Beat) Star wars.

Denis Leary: Okay, so let's say that I'm, uh... master of the -

Space Ghost: You're sure you're not a leprechaun?

Denis Leary: (Beat) I'm too tall to be a leprechaun.

Space Ghost: Okay, okay. 'Cause I was gonna say, you're the worst leprechaun that we've ever had on the show.

Denis Leary: Look, look, here's the bottom line...

Space Ghost: Ho- hold on. (flies off)

Denis Leary: (to Zorak) You have Madonna's new album?

Zorak: (hisses)

Denis Leary: Somebody's buyin' it.

(In the control room, Lokar is on Moltar's monitor)

Lokar: Have you any dangerously sequinned hot pants?

Moltar: Um... no.

Lokar: Perchance a scented thong?

Moltar: I have some underwear that's scented, but... I don't think it's what you're lookin' for.

Lokar: Oh... gorgeous!

(In the studio, Space Ghost bounds back to his chair, sporting a crude drawn-on mustache)

Space Ghost: (whispers) Hey, Denis! (normal Voice) Notice anything... different?

Denis Leary: Nope.

Space Ghost: About my face?

Denis Leary: We don't really care.

Space Ghost: Hey, Zorak.

Zorak: (sporting a toucan beak)

Space Ghost: (Beat) (sighs) Anybody else have any questions for Denis? (Beat) Anyone? Anyone? (mustache is gone) Anyone?

Moltar: (marches out, slams cards down on Space Ghost's desk) Try this one.

Space Ghost: (reading card) "Nice jacket Fonzie." (to Moltar) And you want me to say this?

Moltar: (nods)

Space Ghost: Out loud. To Denis.

Moltar: Go on.

Space Ghost: I don't think so.

Moltar: (groans in disgust) Sit on it! (walks off stage)

Denis Leary: Hey, lay off.

Space Ghost: That's my arch-enemy, Denis.

Denis Leary: Mm hm.

Space Ghost: Who are your arch-enemies? And don't say me.

Denis Leary: You.

Space Ghost: (does spit take on camera lens; audience laughs) Me?! (spits again, audience laughs again) Me?!?! (laughs) One more... (spits again, this time it's blood; audience gasps) Uh oh. (gulps)

Denis Leary: Aside from you, uh... Dr. Katz, another animated figure.

Space Ghost: Why don't you just launch him into the deep recesses of space?

Denis Leary: If I could.

Space Ghost: Oh, that's right, you're a smoker.

Denis Leary: Who's the last person you, you've launched into the deep recesses of... of space?

Space Ghost: My friend Edward.

Denis Leary: Why couldn't you do that with, say, Celine Dion?

Space Ghost: Oh no, I don't think Edward would approve of that.

Denis Leary: Not extremely powerful, I must say. (sips water)

Space Ghost: (Beat) I beat up Charlton Heston once.

Denis Leary: When?

Space Ghost: Over the holidays.

Denis Leary: In your one-dimensional world, you beat up Charlton Heston.

Space Ghost: Yeah, I hit him over the head with some books.

Denis Leary: So, you're actually bragging about beating up a man who must be in his late eighties, is that correct?

Space Ghost: Uh, late eighties, early nineties.

(In the control room, Brak is on Moltar's monitor)

Brak: You have any farmer stuff?

Moltar: No.

Brak: You have any astronaut stuff?

Moltar: Uh...

Brak: You have any melba toast? 'Cause that's what I want.

Moltar: (trying to break in) I got - (sighs)

Brak: I'd also like an army of rabbits, some tar, a glass hat, a book about lightning, a magical fortress made of rainbows...

Moltar: (trying to interrupt) Brak... Brak... Brak!!!

Brak: Yes?

Moltar: How're you gonna pay for all this?

Brak: With rocks.

Moltar: (shouts) I hope you die before your wedding!

Brak: What? I'm not gettin' mar- (Moltar throws lever, sending him away)

(In the studio)

Space Ghost: I guess my greatest fear would be to find myself hopelessly attracted to one of my coworkers.

(Camera zooms back to show Zorak sitting on Space Ghost's lap)

Space Ghost: What are you doing?

Zorak: That'll be ten dollars.

Space Ghost: Get off!

Zorak: (bounds away) You can owe me.

Space Ghost: Denis, what's your greatest fear?

Denis Leary: Probably, having to have my own... show on prime cable.

Space Ghost: Hey, do you wanna move in with me?

Denis Leary: No thank you.

Space Ghost: Well, then how would you like to help out around the set?

Denis Leary: Naw, that's okay.

Space Ghost: You sure?

Denis Leary: Yep!

Space Ghost: Maybe you could overcome your fears.

Denis Leary: I really have a packed schedule.

Space Ghost: We've got some exclusive interviews coming up.

Denis Leary: Yeah, I've got - with who?

Space Ghost: (Beat) My friend Edward.

Denis Leary: Yeah? And who else?

Space Ghost: Um...

Zorak: Denis Leary.

Space Ghost: That's right, Denis Leary, thank you Zorak.

Denis Leary: Mm hm.

Zorak: You can owe me.

Space Ghost: Lots of big names.

Denis Leary: Yup.

Space Ghost: Big stuff going on here. (taps cards)

Zorak: Hey! Weren't we supposed to blow -


(Music starts, then slows down and stops)

Later... at camp

(Four kids are sitting on the ground in a field, Space Ghost stands in their midst)

Space Ghost: And so, kids, that's the story of how I saved Christmas. (angrily) Now get back to work, ya fat humps!!

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