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Original Air Date:October 13, 2001
Guest Star:Busta Rhymes

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(Black screen, with caption: "SOMEWHERE IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC", with sonar "ping" sound in background. Fade in to darkened set; Space Ghost is looking out the window.)
Space Ghost (SG): Moltar, what's our depth?
Moltar (M): (reading a book) Twenty thousand leagues, sir.
SG: Take her to twenty-one.
M: Twenty-one?! But, why?
SG: Because it's more fantastical.
(Sound of someone banging on the bulkhead with a pipe)
SG: Don't answer it. It's evil Doctor Reef.
Zorak (Z): I'm answering it.
SG: Don't. If you open that door, we'll drown.
Z: Oh, yeah? Good.
(Zorak punches a big red button on the wall next to his keyboard. A door opens, and a driver-less forklift slowly drives in with a stack of lumber. It lowers the lumber by SG's desk and slowly backs out, complete with "backup" beep sound. There is a long pause, then suddenly, sound of crashing, general mayhem and alarms.)
SG: My god! Wooden eels! Surface! Surface!
(Moltar is in the control room, now with red emergency lighting. He throws his lever, and a Jolly Roger appears on his monitor)
SG: Speed up! No, not that fast! (pile of lumber slides across the stage) Slow down!
M: (throws lever again, a frowning "smiley" appears on his monitor)
SG: I'm blacking out! (his voice echos, as his image becomes a flashing black and white outline, which fades away to be replaced by background of stars)
(Return to lighted set. Zorak is lying on the floor with eyes closed, next to the lumber pile)
SG: Zorak is dead! Murdered! (sound of crashing and mayhem again) Moltar, serve the first course!
M: Aye aye, Cap'n! Cole slaw, comin' up!
SG: The only thing we can do now is eat. And bring out my first suspect.
(Busta Rhymes appears on the studio monitor)
Busta Rhymes (BR): Thank you, Mr. Space Ghost.
SG: Busta, Zorak's skull has been fractured. With what appears to be... (looks at pipe wrench that he is holding)... a wrench.
Z: (wakes up) This dinner mystery sucks.
SG: (jumps up and stomps on Zorak's head) Which was last in my hand. In the veranda. Where I was loosening the gas pipe.
BR: (laughs) I see, Space Ghost.
(Space Ghost and Busta laugh)
SG: Is it possible we surfaced too rapidly?
Z: (stands up, holding a script) Rrreah! That's it. I'm not doing this anymore. This whole thing sucks.
SG: What are you not doing anymore?
Z: This! The whole thing with the sub. We're not underwater. I knew this was a dumbass idea.
BR: Oh, man, you'd better not play that game with me, Zorak could get a nice Jackie Chan chop right in the back of his neck.
SG: Hang on, y'all. (reaches into his cape and pulls out the pipe wrench)
Z: What's that for?
SG: Do not (hits Zorak on the head with the wrench) disturb (hits him again) the judge! (hits him again; each time, Zorak yells "ow!")
BR: Dang!
SG: God, that was violent. I blame... the sea.
BR: You need to give me... a pair of them laser wrist things you be running around the place with.
SG: Why?
BR: I'm gonna use 'em.
SG: For what?
BR: I might use 'em to zap you with 'em.
SG: Okay.
BR: Give 'em to me.
SG: I will.
BR: So let me have it.
SG: I will.
(Moltar walks onto the set carrying a bowl of cole slaw)
M: Where do you want this (SG knocks the bowl to the floor, with a crash) ... Captain?
SG: We're in silent running here.
M: (LAUGHS) Okay, fine.
SG: (shouting) Moltar! We are in silent running! Do you understand the concept of silent running?
M: Eh, you want another one?
SG: (whispering) Silent.
M: Okay, fine.
BR: So what are you giving me such a hard time with giving the lasers?
SG: What are you talking about? Moltar! Make a fire with these eels!
M: Aye aye, Cap'n.
SG: (quietly) But be quiet. We're underwater.
M: No, man, we surfaced.
SG: You handle the salads until you get killed!
M: You told me to surface, so... that's, that's what I did.
SG: (walking back and forth) Now, wood pile, did you or did you not masquerade as eels and shock Zorak with that wrench? Answer me! Now what about these beans?
M: Those must have fallen out of my hair.
(Space Ghost stares back in silence)
M: Well, you're just making all this [BLEEP] up.
(Space Ghost continues staring silently)
M: Oh, what, you're the only one that gets to make [BLEEP] up?
(Space Ghost continues staring silently)
M: (sighes) Those are part of the dinner.
SG: No they're not. They're part of the plot.
M: They were on the menu.
SG: Murder is on the menu. Look, bean prints on the wrench. But what is the wrench for?
M: That's where you were trying to fix the, uh, gas leak, and you made it leak.
SG: Is that where I got all these ideas? 'Cause they're brilliant! Hey! Break all the pipes in the sub for more good ideas!
(Space Ghost breaks three more pipes with his wrench; gas fumes fill the "sub")
SG: Dive! Dive! Suck on the pipes! (klaxons sound)
BR: Space Ghost is definately with it.
(Space Ghost puts his head inside a broken pipe; his voice, and everyone else's, becomes high-pitched)
SG: Hang on, Busta! We're going underwater.
BR: All right, Spacey.
SG: Okay.
BR: You little freaky...
Z: (stands up, groggy) Uhh, ahhh... what happened?
BR: Doing that little funny thing, you'd better watch that, man.
BR: You don't play no games from the year 2000 and change.
(Space Ghost walks up and hits Zorak three more times)
SG: Look, I pieced it together. (BUSTA LAUGHS) Zorak wasn't dead, but now he is.
BR: Crazy Zorak, man.
SG: And then you showed up.
BR: Yeah, I know man, but, you know, you seem like a cool cat. You need to come and hang out with us so you can learn what that twitchin' is all about.
M: (JUMPS UP ON SG'S DESK) Hey, man, don't stand on the floor. The floor is spoiled. Like milk.
SG: (HIDING BEHIND DESK) This is so weird, isn't it?
(Busta laughs hysterically)
SG: Hey... hey, Busta. Busta?
BR: Yes?
SG: (FROM BEHIND MOLTAR) Remember when I licked the back of Jack's skull?
BR: Jack? Who's Jack? Where... where did Jack come from?
SG: I mean Zorak. Zorak was who I licked. No, wait, no, it was Brak. Ah, nobody cares.
(A second Space Ghost appears behind Moltar, followed by many more)
Space Ghost 2 (SG2): Hey, let's go outside and do the show in the woods.
Space Ghost 1 (SG1): Okay.
(Cut to campfire in the woods)
BR: I just think that this is, this... this, you know, this, the way the events have occured in the last year has been really disasterous for, not just people, but, you know, enertainment and, you know, many other things on the whole, and...
SG: (normal voice) I'm not getting one good idea.
BR: I think that if we don't start...
SG: Let's go back inside where the gas is.
(Cut to set. Busta continues laughing hysterically in the background. Space Ghost takes a deep breath)
SG: Get up, Zorak. (Throws Zorak across set) The gas is giving me an idea. (everyone's voices become high pitched again) Everything I do and say should be recorded by cameras. Do you think that Walt would be interested in that?
M: (high pitched) Uh, Walt Disney's dead.
SG: Who killed Walt Disney? With a wrench?
M: No one.
SG: Walt Disney makes me sweat. Is he gonna sue us?
M: Walt Disney is dead!!
SG: I know! My God, how many times do I have to tell you that? Hey, wood! (beat) We should build something.
(Black screen with caption: "SEVEN HOURS LATER". Cut to set. Two boards are nailed together in an upside-down v shape. An extension cord is taped to one board.)
M: Wow. What's it do?
SG: It's symbolic, Moltar. Things don't always have to do things. Now, help me plug it into the wall.
M: Look, uh, maybe we should just revive Zorak and talk to the guest or something.
SG: What? And just leave the eels here? That's insane.
(Zorak wakes up again)
SG: What happened to you?
Z: I was hit with a wrench.
SG: (hits Zorak with wrench again) We have to get you to the hospital.
(Cut to a rave atmosphere. Psychedelic lights flash in the background, silhouetting Space Ghost, Moltar and Zorak. Spotlights pan across the set. Loud techno music plays)
SG: What kind of hospital is this?
(Three fireballs rise in front of them)
(Cut to Phantom Cruiser)
SG: What kind of a hospital was that?
M: You just missed the turn.
SG: Hold on, watch this.
(Space Ghost steers the ship into a canyon. It bounces and flips end over end before finally crashing to a halt. Cut to view from inside Moltar's visor; we see Space Ghost with flames behind him)
SG: Moltar, talk to me, are you okay?
M: No, ugh, I'm hurt.
SG: Oh, don't worry, I'll fix that.
M: Ugh, I'm passin' out.
SG: We have to get you to the hospital.
(Echo and fade to black. Cut to the produce section of a grocery store. Moltar and Zorak are lying on the floor)
M: Ugh. What's all this? Ugh...
SG: You can pick anything. Pick anything you like.
Z: I need toilet paper.
M: Ugh, I need some flavor ice.
Z: And pudding.
SG: Did you see the lights flicker?
M: (looks) No.
SG: Look at it but don't blink.
Z: (coughs)
M: What are we doing?
SG: Wait, did it just do it again?
Z: I'm gonna go.
SG: It did it again.
Z: Don't follow me.
M: Hang on, I'm going with ya. (hops after Zorak)
SG: Not so fast. Roll call. Moltar.
M: Dead.
SG: Zorak.
Z: Eat me.
SG: Buster. Where's Buster?
(Cut back to rave scene. Busta is still laughing wildly. Cut back to supermarket.)
SG: This seems like as good a time as any to welcome our first new sponsor.
(A second Space Ghost walks in)
SG2: Natural gas.
(A third Space Ghost is hiding behind melons, laughing. A fourth pops up behind the produce section.)
Space Ghost 4 (SG4): It gives you some ideas. (More Space Ghosts appear, including SG in a tennis skirt, from "Joshua". All of the Space Ghosts laugh)
Z: Shut up!
(Cut to set; we are looking at a heating duct)
Z: (sounding far away) Shut up!
SG: Where's Zorak?
M: He crawled into the heating duct.
Z: You snitch!
SG: Why? Turn up the heat.
M: (Pulls lever; ventilation fans spin up)
SG: (staring at duct) Good. (walks over to opening in the duct) Zorak, get out here before I hit you.
Z: No.
SG: Moltar and I are out here doing my damnedest to put on the best talk show possible. And you're balled up in here like a big green tarantula.
Z: I ain't coming out, man.
SG: How'd you fit in here? (beat) Zorak.
Z: I need to be alone.
SG: Did you speak with the orb?
Z: No.
SG: Let me just touch your skin. (pulls out his pipe wrench)
Z: No.
SG: (knocks off the vent cover with the wrench and laughs) But now, it's time for you to come down and make America happy. (flies up into the vent opening)
Z: Just get away!
SG: God, it's hot in here.
Z: Get out of here!
SG: I'm stuck.
Z: Get out!
SG: I'm stuck!
Z: Get out!
SG: Look at me, Zorak, now I'm stuck.
Z: (his eyes peering back from the darkness) Get out of here!
SG: Are you happy?
SG: Moltar, grab my ankles and pull.
M: (pulls on Space Ghost's ankles) Just let go.
SG: Come on, Moltar. Zorak needs to be alone.
M: You have to let go!
SG: Come over here.
Z: Back off!
SG: I'm gonna bite your head off.
Z: Get out!
SG: Moltar!
Z: Your boot came off.
SG: Moltar, grab my ankles and pull!
M: I wonder if that's drinkable.
Z: (starts speaking nonsense sounds, then his voice goes into a tight loop)
(Cut to Space Ghost's living room. He and Moltar are watching the show on SG's tiny television screen)
M: This goes on for a while. Like an hour.
SG: But I got out, right?
M: Yeah... but then you got back in.
SG: Did you get the part where I was Space Ghost, a Tribute to Freedom?
M: No, we recorded over that.
SG: What?
M: I mean, I couldn't find it.
SG: (with sanded off face) Then what was the point of sanding my face off?


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