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SPACE MATT Coast to Coast....continued

Anyway, let's bring on our first guest, folks. I'm happy to welcome.....Captain Laser!!!

Scorpio: Hi my name is Scor....ummm....Captain Laser.

Howdy, Captain Laser. Are you getting enough oxygen?

Scorpio: Ummmm....gee, I guess so.

Matt: Hey, wait a minute! You're not Captain Laser....Scorpio! Take off that helmet and get off my show, darnit! What did you do with the Captain?

Uhhhh....well, actually, Callisto ate him.

Matt: Callisto! How could you?

Callisto: He had it coming! You always liked him better, and me and the others were jealous. Besides, he wasn't really supposed to be part of show originally, anyway. He was way too big.

Why, I ought to teach you a lesson!

Callisto: What are ya' gonna do? Blast me?

As a matter of fact, yes! Take that!

Hey, no wait....can't we talk about this aaaaaaghhh!!!!

Hack....cough...cough. well, I guess not. Another fine mess you've gotten me into, Scorpio.

Scorpio: Sorry....I just wanted to be on the show.

Matt: Well, that's enough for now. Bye 'til next time!

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