Space Ghost Radio Interview

Original Broadcast Date: 10/13/98
on 98 PXY in Rochester, NY

Scott: From the Cartoon Network, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Space Ghost.

Space Ghost: It is I, Citizen Scott.

Scott: Cartoon Network, you guys are huge!

Space Ghost: You know what the inner city youngsters say?

Scott: What's that?

Space Ghost: They say Brak and I've got it going on.

Scott: You got it going on in a bad way, you've got some mad tunes.

Space Ghost: You know that's right, we're down with out funky bad selves and trying to get our groove on.

Scott: "Surf and Turf with Space Ghost, with 22 tiki torched tunes"... Who wrote this, this is some sick stuff.

Space Ghost: Well, we've got some unwell people in the building, who... basically we were all sitting around the office one day trying to get our grooves back. (laughs)  We said "Hey! Let's do another stupid album."

Scott: Space Ghost how did you come about back in 19... what?

Space Ghost: '66, was when... uh... I'm a little over thirty now.

Sandy: Where did the idea come about?

Space Ghost: Oh, the idea? Well, that was a lovely man named Alex Toth. Who said, "Hmm, I will draw a superhero." Because up until that point, you know, all you had was Superman, you had Batman, who was a total fake, a total phony, just a millionaire who, you know. It would be like Bill Gates putting on his own his own little suit and running around fighting crime. (laughs) (in Bill Gates like voice) "Unhand that woman, if not what will I do? I'll buy your town, yeah, that's what. I'll buy your town and throw you out of it."

Scott: For people who have never seen Space Ghost before, can you describe him.

Space Ghost: Sure. Uh, I'm big and muscular. I love wearing my white tights. I got a yellow cape. I can open a can of spinach using my butt muscles. (Laughs)

Scott: Really?

Space Ghost: I'm what you call a truckload of butch.

Scott: We can see things like "Mashed Potatoes" and "Baloney Sandwich" on this album.

Space Ghost: It's because were concerned with nutrition. We want to make sure we're telling kids about good nutritional habits, as well as entertaining.

Scott: Now speaking of food, don't you have another CD that's out?

Space Ghost: Yeah, "Musical Bar-B-Que", which is still selling handsomely. We are now Teflon on that one. I think when you have 300 thousand sold then you finally get the gold foil album.

Scott: When can we see you on Cartoon Network, Space Ghost?

Space Ghost: Oh my goodness, aren't you sweet for asking, we're on Fridays at 11:30.

Scott: Space Ghost, you da man.

Space Ghost: No, you're the man.

Scott: No! You're the man.

Space Ghost: How can I be the man, when you are THE man.

Scott: I'll be the woman, you be the man.

Space Ghost: I don't like the sounds of that.

Scott: We're out of here, Space Ghost, give it up to Space Ghost from Cartoon Network.

Space Ghost: Thank you, citizens. (applause)

Scott: You're welcome, I will play 60 seconds of a Space Ghost song, from "Space Ghost's Surf and Turf with 22 Tiki-Torched Tunes", sounds good, next.

(News and Commercials)

Scott: I promised Space Ghost, I shall deliver. 60 seconds, Space Ghost song from his CD, "22 Tiki-Torched Tunes" on 98 PXY. This is "Something That Rhymes With Bones." Don't ask, you'll figure it out.

("Something That Rhymes With Bones" plays)

Scott: Yeah, these guys were on crack.

Transcribed by Steve Orlando.

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