Space Ghost & Brak Chat Transcript

Where: Y'all
When: May 15, 1997

07:38:33Kim McF:Hey! Maybe Gallagher and Brak can do a cooking show together!
07:38:37Kim McF:Hey! Maybe Gallagher and Brak can do a cooking show together!
07:38:55Space Ghost Cre:SG: If you're a watermelon.
07:39:08Wyng:How's CHiPs, Big M?
07:39:12Kim McF:Whoops, sorry. Echo in here.
07:39:16Kudzu:SG: Who would you most like to interview?
07:39:23Space Ghost Cre:Br: Gallagher scares me....He wastes while many starve.
07:39:24Groovy:Moltar, chill out ... ha haha hahah I know, not funny
07:39:29Darelliott:You know, it's kind of sad that none of us have anything better to do.
07:40:00Space Ghost Cre:M: I got to talk to Eric Estrada! You'll see it later this year.
07:40:28Space Ghost Cre:BR: Dare....are you any relation to a Darrin Elliot?
07:40:39S Thjss:I do! I'd rather be here though.
07:41:01Darelliott:Eric Estrada!? Now that wouldn't be a waste of time.
07:41:22Space Ghost Cre:M: I kinda think so.
07:41:22Elvira:Ponch! I love that guy.
07:41:43Space Ghost Cre:M: It's Frank Poncherello to you, missy.
07:41:44Kudzu:Is Eric Estrada still doing the Latin soaps?
07:42:18Elvira:and he still looks great!
07:42:29Space Ghost Cre:SG: Juan Daniel? Yes. You can see it somewhere at some time.
07:42:32Cj:Space Ghost, do you have any special powers that single you out from other talk show hosts?
07:42:46Darelliott:No. It's Darryl Elliott. We use to work together at Crawford with Gordon. If your the real Space Ghost, you'll remember. Pete. Audio C.
07:42:55Space Ghost Cre:M: He's been working out with the Ab-Max....and it shows.
07:43:32Space Ghost Cre:SG: Ahhhhhh Pete..................Yeah I remember....You're that guy, right? With the thing?
07:43:45Space Ghost Cre:SG: You owe me 20 bucks.
07:44:09Groovy:SG: Who was your most favorite person to interview?
08:01:09Supergirl:Where were you, Space Ghost? I've been waiting all this time!
08:01:22Space Ghost:SG: Extra-Monumental. 80% rayon.
08:01:33Kim McF:Any previews as to what'll be on it? Any more "unplugged" tracks?
08:01:34Brak:Somebody say my name!
08:01:42S Thjss:Sept! Yea, Spt. We hear you!!!
08:01:46Darelliott:Groovy - What's an IP thingee?
08:01:51FM Chubs:Hey, SG. We met at Folk Fest in Norcross. Will you be there this year?
08:01:53Elvira:Mm. Wash'n'wear.
08:02:00Brak:No more unplugged stuff, but alot of the stuff that wasn't on the first CD.
08:02:03Y all:Just a reminder (as if you need one) we are chatting with, uh, Brak and Space Ghost...
08:02:03Space Ghost:SG: No one called you, Norbert. Go back to sleep.
08:02:03Groovygirl:A L L H A I L B R A K !
08:02:12Brak:I love Beans, Water, stuff like that
08:02:17Leilah:All hail Brak!
08:02:18Wyng:B: Andy
08:02:20Kim McF:Brak, Brak, Brak! Hey, Braky Wacky! (There. Happy?)
08:02:25Mr Transcript:Hey Braky Wacky!
08:02:36Oxshin:Hey ghost, where's Banjo?
08:02:40FM Chubs:my name. There you go, Brak.
08:02:46Norbert:ANy chance of making a music video for MTV?
08:02:58Cat:Hi Brak!
08:03:03Brak:Andy Who?
08:03:17Mr Transcript:Hi, Just got here, did I miss anything good? :-)
08:03:28Brak:Hi cat......Norbert, I don't know about MTV.....Legal stuff.
08:03:31Space Ghost:SG: I know of no Folk Fest. You have met one of my many diabolocal imposters. Contact your local authorities.
08:03:43Mr Transcript:I think he means Commander Andy. Isn't he a friend of yours?
08:03:47Brak:You missed the turd jokes.
08:04:02Darelliott:Mr. T - You've been missing total chaos.
08:04:13Oxshin:Hey Brak, what time is it?
08:04:26Leilah:Well, there goes my life. I missed the turd jokes...
08:04:27Groovygirl:did you guys ever find out who was responsible for the body switching that happened on CP once, where Zorak looked like a Snork for just a moment? or was it just a case of bad Chinese food I ate?
08:04:41Space Ghost:SG: Banjo is a delicate topic, and I will thank you not to bring him up.
08:04:43Brak:Commander Andy..................... Yeah, I know him. He was in that episode, right?
08:04:54Darelliott:Oops. I misspelled chaos.
08:05:09Brak:It's about 8:05.
08:05:13Supergirl:And I must say I never washed Space Ghost's tights!
08:05:41Brak:The body switching thing was the work of the evil John Cassidy.
08:05:50Mr Transcript:Hello SG, I assume you're getting enough O2?
08:05:52Space Ghost:SG: You know you wanted to, Supergirl.
08:06:00Wilbur:So Space Ghost, are you actually in the South, or Over the South?
08:06:12Oxshin:SG How's Ms. Nesbitt?
08:06:14Space Ghost:SG: I breathe air, you fool.
08:06:16Norbert:Do you play any musical instruments?
08:06:29Darelliott:Brak, what time is this session over?
08:06:33Brak:Who's Mike S?
08:06:48Y all:When the fat lady sings...
08:06:50Brak:9:00, buddy.
08:06:51Space Ghost:SG: I'm out there, Wilbur. You wouldn't understand.
08:09:55S Thjss:Brak, what are the lyrics?
08:10:07Brak:It was "I'm a happy fisherman..."
08:10:23Space Ghost:Z: I'm resting my eyes. Jerk water.
08:10:35Brak:Lyrics for what?
08:10:59Wyng:Z: thought it was quiet. No blinks.
08:11:51Space Ghost:SG: Don't hurt, Oxshin. Don't hurt.
08:11:53S Thjss:What was the TV show you were thinking about when you sang "I'm a happy FISHERMAN" (I stand corrected)
08:12:04Oxshin:SG, can you really open a spinach can with your butt muscles?
08:12:06Darelliott:SG- It's been fun but I've gotta go. Wife needs to use the phone. BYe Y'all.
08:13:01Brak:Bye Dare!
08:17:29Brak:I figured it out, Kim....thanks....
08:17:45Rainman:what are some of the guests coming up?
08:18:29Kim McF:Ow! Ow! Somthing's pulling on my leg! Ow! ;)
08:18:31Brak:Andrew Dice Clay cancelled yesterday. He's the king of Pottymouths.
08:18:59Y all:Just to butt in here... we are talking with our special guests from the Ghost Planet and we only have 45 minutes to go.
08:19:02Mr Transcript:Hello, SG, have you ever seen my transcripts of your interviews?
08:19:07Brak:Better get it off! Those leg pullers! Ho Boy! You don't want that! You'll bleed!
08:19:32Norbert:I can imagine what Space Ghost would've done to Clay. Eeeyaii!!
08:19:33Groovygirl:Space Ghost, are you aware of the superhero named The Tick?
08:20:14Kim McF:I would like to see SG make Clay look like a dork. Er, MORE like a dork!
08:20:15Space Ghost:SG: Brace yourself, Rainman, for the likes of Peter Fonda, Charleton Heston, Robin Leach, Beck, Buzz Aldrin, Jon Stewart, and (keep your fingers crossed) Andrew Dice Clay
08:20:26Brak:Space Ghost, not many of you know, has a wheel where he makes beautiful pottery with clay.
08:20:41Ms Nebbitt:Space Ghost honey, I'm waiting!
08:21:22Rainman:Wow, that's great! What sorts of questions did you ask Peter Fonda?? Especially since Jane holds an interest in the show...
08:21:38Brak:Ms Nebbit is an imposter! She's also good at typos!!!!
08:21:39S Thjss:That's a fake Nebbit
08:21:41Leilah:Don't ya just love a superhero with an artistic side? sniffle Kinda makes ya cry, don't it?
08:21:44Ms Nebbitt:Space honey, what time do you get off?
08:21:47Mr Transcript:Hey, I'm in Atlanta next month, and I need a place to stay. Can I sleep on your couch?
08:21:56S Thjss:Dag Nebbit!
08:22:12Norbert:(snort!) Leach? "Lifestyles of the superheroes?"
08:22:20Mr Transcript:For a whole month?
08:22:39TonyM1865:Hey, y'all,,, just droppin' in.
08:22:49Space Ghost:SG: Groovygirl, I am familiar with the work of The Tick. He is of minor signifigance.
08:22:58Brak:Tony!!!! My man!!!!!
08:23:05Kim McF:Mr. Transcript - we'll work something out.
08:23:34Ms Nesbitt:I miss you Space Ghost, hurry home!
08:23:38Brak:Mr. T? You don't want to sleep on Space Ghost's couch. It's basically a heavy park bench.
08:23:43Groovygirl:SG: okay... so Space Ghost, what's your favorite kind of cheese?
08:23:48Wyng:SG: How about Roger Ramjet? He talks like you
08:24:10Space Ghost:SG: I don't own a couch. I have a futon.
08:24:21S Thjss:Brak, please introduce your friend to the rest of us chatting.
08:24:22Kim McF:SG, do you know where I can send fan mail for Birdman?
08:24:24Brak:Why would Space Ghost wanna get back with you, Nesbitt? You dumped all over him!!!
08:24:42Rainman:What band would you most want to write a theme song for you?
08:24:53Brak:My friend is Mr. Transcript. He's....... my attourney.
08:24:55Agentj:I just wanted to say... I have nothing to say.
08:25:02Space Ghost:SG: I'm a roquefort man, Groovygirl. Thanks for dropping by!
08:25:10TonyM1865:Brak . . . just wanted to let y'all know that my son and I spend our Friday nights convulsing over SGCTC and Cartoon Planet.You are my heros!
08:25:19S Thjss:Is pavement going to release a single? b-side?
08:25:26Ms Nesbitt:But I miss him so
08:25:42Mr Transcript:Yeah, SG, we'll discuss the damages from "Cookout" later...
08:26:18Wyng:Tony: But they're the wind beneath MY wings
08:26:24Space Ghost:SG: Basically, I'm a classic rock type of guy. But Foghat broke up and Boston is on, I suppose no one.
08:26:35Space Ghost:Z: The Ramones!
08:26:54Mr Transcript:Yes, Brak, thanks for calling me, but next time, don't leave such a long message on my answering machine, you used up all the tape.
08:27:47Ms Nesbitt:Space Ghost, I really want you back...........NOT
08:27:53Groovygirl:Zorak: the Ramones ROCK! Gabba Gabba Hey!
08:31:11Mr Transcript:Brak, I trust that the destructo-ray wounds are almost healed?
08:31:25Brak:I don't want his power bands. I might shoot my eye out.
08:31:25S Thjss:SG = dirty swine
08:31:37Leilah:We'd need to open all the windows then!
08:31:45Ms Nesbitt:Gotta go, I'm late for my date with Moltar
08:31:46Brak:Yes, Mr. T, thank you. The doctor you suggested was a blessing.
08:31:59Brak:Moltar's married!
08:32:07Groovygirl:Y'all: Michael Stipe? eeeeewwwww that's HIM in the corner...!
08:32:22Space Ghost:SG: What happened to the good old days when you weren't held responsible for abberant acts of extreme violence. O, how I long for those times.
08:32:35S Thjss:Lei: you think a portable torture device welding freak is funny?
08:41:03Wilbur:All mammals nurse their young. HOw do you manage that Brak?
08:41:17Wyng:B: Why do you wear a towel dispenser on yer head?
08:41:24Leilah:Zorak, Zorak. We have come to demand the release of Zorak! Well, I have, anyway...
08:41:25Brak:My mom named me Brak. I guess I'm stuck with that name, lax, old buddy.
08:41:35Mr Transcript:Nope, she was kidnapped by Your Mother
08:41:53Brak:Well, I slobber a lot, wyng.
08:42:00S Thjss:Brak: No! yer smarter than Zorak. And Smarter than Space Bloat!
08:42:04Groovygirl:Well everybody, I gotta go bye bye
08:42:08TonyM1865:Brak's the closest thing to a cat anything here.
08:42:32LAXGREG:Wow Brak you must of been made fun of alot at school Huh
08:42:45Brak:Bye groovygirl! I dug your scene!
08:43:09Cessta:Well, he's an alien. He's not a cat any more than Space Ghost is a monkey.
08:43:13LAXGREG:Hey is space Gosht still here
08:43:17Brak:Um, no....When I was in school, I was beginning my career as an evil pirate.
08:43:18Chad:Move over bro, I've arrived
08:43:27Brak:I had my senses then.
08:43:28Space Ghost:SG: Sure, LAXGREG. I've got plenty of stuff going on. Three words, my friend. Southeastern Boat Show.
08:44:00Y all:cats are cool....
08:44:05Space Ghost:SG: Imposters, all! I hate you Chad!
08:44:11Wyng:Is piracy a viable career option?
08:44:18Leilah:Ooo! Cessta! What are you doing here? ;)
08:44:43LAXGREG:Oh really I did not know there were pirates on your insect farm or where ever you lived
08:44:48Space Ghost:SG: Not in my universe, Wyng.
08:44:56Mr Transcript:Hey SG, I heard you interviewed Duckman once. Any chance we'll ever see that interview?
08:44:58TonyM1865:SG: Did we see you taping out at Stone Mountain a while back?
08:45:11Brak:No. I spent alot of time in the big house. There was alot of big furniture there, and I couldn't reach the kitchen counters.
08:45:19Cessta:Leilah - just chatting ... admiring a certain set of choppers...
08:45:52Chad:I hate you too Ghost!
08:46:08Brak:The duck man stuff, I heard, was just for the ACE awards that one time.
08:46:40Cessta:Brak, after the show would you like to go out for dinner?
08:46:44Brak:I could have thought of a better come back than that, Chad, and I'm stupid.
08:46:46LAXGREG:Hey space gosht I downloaded a sound of you saying that you could lift yourself over a can of spinach with your butt... Is this true?? If so how?????!!
08:46:54Y all:Yeah, and after Duck Man you could interview Beavis & Butthead
08:46:58Cessta:Er, the chat, I mean.
08:47:01Brak:What would we eat, baby?
08:47:02Agentj:When the guys from MST3K were touring about their movie, they were interviewed by you, Space Ghost. Know if any of that footage might be used in the future?
08:47:13Wyng:Is Chad the yin to your yang, the Veronica to your Betty?
08:47:13S Thjss:I've been tryin' to make some big boots so I can get in on the space pirate thingie.
08:47:23Space Ghost:SG: That was my earthbound doppleganger, Andy Merrill. As a wacky footnote to that: he was later arrested! For public drunkeness! HA! HA! HA!
08:47:24Leilah:Score one for the Brakster!
08:47:55Cessta:Brak - I make some mean burritos.
08:48:21Brak:Toot toot, Cessta!
08:48:22LAXGREG:Space can you lifth your butt over other cans of vegetables
08:48:37TonyM1865:Is Andy a local guy, SG? He reminds me of a kid I beat up in the 2nd Grade...
08:48:53Brak:You don't need big boots to get big bootie....that's pirate talk.
08:49:14Leilah:Cessta, yer naughty. ;)p
08:49:19Space Ghost:SG: MST#K may appear this upcoming season, but it hasn't been written yet. It may premiere in time for the sequel.
08:49:21Cessta:Brak - ah, the beanie-weenie burritos with American cheese!
08:49:37Brak:Andy asked me if that was you, Tony?
08:49:46LAXGREG:Hello space answer my question
08:50:00Brak:Hey, you had me with the burrito's!
08:50:04Cessta:Leilah - eavesdropper!
08:50:05Norbert:Brak is into gas food.
08:50:05Mr Transcript:I wear pretty big booties too - size 11EEE
08:50:41Space Ghost:SG: I dunno LAXGREG. Can you?
08:50:41LAXGREG:EEEWWWW Bean burritos
08:50:49Brak:And lodging!
08:50:56TonyM1865:Brak... could very well be. But all is peaceful now, yes?
08:51:13Mr Transcript:Watch out, everyone, Brak's little cloud is drifting this way!
08:51:15LAXGREG:I duno your the super hero
08:51:17Y all:SO when does Brak get his own spinoff show?
08:51:29Cessta:Ice cream burrios too. With chocolate sauce on the tortilla. Messy, but who cares?
08:55:01Cessta:SG - any chance of producing more "Cartoon Planet Hello" segments?
08:55:02LAXGREG:MST3k is a show where a guy and some robots have a running comentary on stupid movies
08:55:12Leilah:Well, then, Zorak, could you say MY name?
08:55:17Y all:I think Space Ghost has been cooped up on the Ghost Planet too long.
08:55:22Brak:Oh yes...Ted and Jane run the video duplication department.
08:55:48Y all:Just breaking in to say we have 8 minutes left... get your questions in now...
08:55:50Mr Transcript:As long as we're plugging... Check out my SGC2C transcripts, at
08:56:25Cessta:SG LIVES on the Ghost Planet, doesn't he?
08:56:27Y all:Hey Mr. Transcript, are you keeping a transcript of this chat?
08:56:27Brak:Then you can read every word we say.....It's creepy.
08:56:35LAXGREG:Space Ghost Last Question .. paper or plastic
08:56:37Wyng:As we're plugging, SPAM makes so many meals!!
08:56:47Space Ghost:SG: "Hello, Cessta." Will that help?
08:56:59Leilah:What about the Nanny, Space Ghost?
08:57:01HouA J se:Ha ha ghost, you don't have a girlfriend
08:57:05TonyM1865:Glad they're gainfully employed. Hey. . can you prove to my son that you're REALLY Brak??
08:57:16Brak:I spread spam on my hot dogs.
08:57:25Space Ghost:SG: Silicon, my friend. The bag of the future.
08:57:32Mr Transcript:I don't know how!!! But if has a capture of it, I'll put it into a HTML doc for all to read!
08:57:43Brak:What can I do to prove it?
08:57:55Y all:Well, y'all com kind of had one going and then made a booboo
08:58:04LAXGREG:good call SG BYE NOW
08:58:18Space Ghost:SG: The nanny is a housewrecker. And she likes that fat guy from Ghostbusters.
08:58:24S Thjss:Kim, plug your page. Those pictures you draw are so cute!
08:58:39TonyM1865:Dunno. . . maybe share your mother's maiden name.
08:59:04Leilah:Aw, poor Taddykins...
08:59:14Brak:Don't look at the picture of me without my mask on....It's pure speculation.
08:59:20Y all:I saw those pictures... she has one of Brak taking a shower. I didn't know Brak bathed...
08:59:25Cessta:Hmmm ...Spam burritos ... that has possibilities!

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