Pat Storto's MMM Website Presents:

SPACE MATT Coast to Coast

Hello citizens!

Welcome to "Space Matt, Coast to Coast". I'm Major Matt Mason, your host for tonight's show.

Are you getting enough oxygen?

Ya know, when I was part of the space program during the Moon Race.....

Oh give us a break! Enough with stories from the old glory days....don't you know when to call it quits? You're all washed up, old man!

MATT: What!? Oh, yes, let's hear it for our musical director, my former arch-enemy Callisto!

Hello earthlings!

Hey! How do I work this?

MATT: And let's not forget the show's producer, Sgt. Storm. Hello Sargeant!

Oh hi Matt. What am I supposed to do again?

MATT: You produce the show! You control the segueways and clips. You tell me when to cut to commercial. You connect me to our guests. That kind of stuff!

Well, okay.

Hey! What am I supposed to do?

I don't know what I'm supposed to do!

Am I supposed to do anything?

No, bulbhead! You're not part of the show!

This is "Space Matt Coast to Coast"! You're a supporting character on "Cartoon Moon"!!

Now get off the set and go do something that is not annoying.....

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