Pat Storto's MMM Website Presents:

SPACE MATT Coast to Coast

Well, okay, but don't come crawling to me when the ratings are bad. Cause I'm not gonna help out unless I'm a regular.

CALLISTO: Oh, you're irregular all right.

Hey! How come you're so mean to me all the time?

Because I'm EVIL, of course. I'm evil Callisto, scourge of the spaceways. And if I wasn't being held captive here I'd be terrorizing distant worlds and wreaking havoc with my henchmen.

But now look at me.....musical director of this stupid late-night talk show! Any wonder I'm bitter?

Well, maybe if you tried being nice, you'll get out early. I'm gonna be real nice and behave, so that Major Matt will let me out early!

Then I can go visit my mommy. I remember once one day when I came home from school after getting a spanking at the principal's office, my mommy baked me a nice apple pie, and I....

Scorpio!! Shut the heck up and get off the set. This is supposed to be a TALK show....not a "babbling pink alien" show!

MATT: Okay everybody! Knock it off! We're going to bring out our first guest. So Scorpio, don't interrupt. Sgt. Storm, get ready. And Callisto....get ready for intro music.


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